I was once working with a producer on a film, and I asked her to meet me in downtown L.A. to get her a script. She acted shocked, and told me that downtown L.A. was ghetto, and she was scared to go there. I told her that the city downtown had changed, and that parts of downtown are very nice, with big fancy hotels, and expensive restaurants. She didn’t believe it, and refused to go, having us meet her in Century City instead.

Little do people like this know, parts of downtown L.A. are beautiful, full of life, great dining, and some of the best loft dwelling since New York City. And now, downtown Los Angeles has become one of the most exciting places on Earth. First the Lakers, then the Michael Jackson memorial, and just last week, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears hit downtown in the course of two days at Staples Center. Whether you like either of them or not is not the point. The point is, they created major excitement. Hundreds of thousands of pretty young people running around the streets, amidst tall buildings in downtown L.A, almost made me feel like I was back home in Chicago.

I once met a person on the phone who thought Chicago was a small city, full of hicks. They had never been there, and I tried to forgive their ignorance. Little did they know, Chicago is one of the most vibrant, amazing, and beautiful cities in the world. Before I moved to Los Angeles, and had been here, a friend from New York City told me how Los Angeles was a cesspool, a sewer dump, even, he told me, one of Dante’s levels of Hell! (He had a flair for the dramatic). During my first six months living in Los Angeles, I woke up with sheer excitement, massive energy, thrilled that I was here. I would walk out doors and take walks and be blown away by the vastness and beautiful state of such an amazing city. I laughed to my self thinking about the comments from this old friend, and was thankful I didn’t listen to him.

I remember a record label publicist I once worked with told me, ‘People that live in Los Angeles started the rumors that the city is gross, dirty, ugly, and horrible, because actually we know it’s paradise, and we want it all to ourselves!’ I believed her, and after experiencing it for myself, I knew she was right.

Today, with the internet, mass media is instantaneous. People can make horrible claims about others that are often even picked up and repeated by other valid news entities, with no fact checking by the second media source. Journalistic standards are at an all time low, and with blogs, public opinions are swayed at times by people with a grade school education, and sometimes, those with a personal grudge.

A wise philosopher once asked some one about to deliver him news, if he knew the person directly, that he was about to tell the story about. His answer was no. He then asked if he knew the story himself to be true. His answer was no. He then asked if it was good news about the person. His answer was again no. the philosopher then told him that he did not want to hear the news. We owe it to ourselves to ask the same questions from where we get the information we accept in to our minds as accurate. When a kid can go on the internet, and post on a blog that a celebrity is dead, and major news channels run the rumor, there is something wrong with the media. Rumors should not be given any attention in society.

If I believed the nonsense told me by many so called friends about Los Angeles, one of the greatest cities on this planet, I would never have created some of the most amazing moments in my life, here in this city. Do not let fear, failures, lies and rumors by the ignorant stop you from enjoying and experiencing a life of your dreams. The Hollywood Sentinel is dedicated to the celebration of those artists who were and are brave enough to not let any negative forces, predominantly people, stand in their way. It takes a rare human being these days to think for themselves and to make up their own minds about some one or something. I dare you think for your self. Try it, and you will see that its one of the best gifts you will ever be given, and it’s free.

- Bruce Edwin, Editor
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