Michael Levine - The Man behind The Stars


With more than 20 years experience at having represented some of modern society's biggest names and companies, Michael Levine is the founder of public relations powerhouse Levine Communications Organization (LCO). He has been a popular choice for documentaries on both BBC and ITV, and is one of the most called and in demand media experts for breaking celebrity news.

As the author of 16 books, including Guerrilla PR, considered the most widely used introduction to Public Relations in the world , Mr. Levine is an industry expert who is who is frequently called upon by media both in the US and UK to provide PR insight into topical news and events.

Called by USA Today, ‘one of Hollywood's brightest and most respected executives,’ and heralded by heads of state, presidents, and even the late Mother Teresa, Michael Levine has been responsible for public relations campaigns for, among others, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Charlton Heston, Linda Evans, Jon Voight, Nacy Kerrigan, Ozzy Osborne, Bill O'Reilly, Suzanne Somers, Demi Moore, and Michael J. Fox among others. His clients have ranged from movie & TV stars, to sports heroes, music figures, comedians, producers and multi-national corporations. Today his roster includes documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, producer legend Robert Evans, and rock icons Kiss, among many more.

When not in the office, Levine can be found speaking at national conferences, and conducting philanthropic work for the community of Los Angeles. He recently appeared on the BBC documentary about Fame and also Channel 4 's California Dreaming, as well as ITV's Documentary 'Hollywood.’ Michael Levine is the man behind the curtain, the authority the stars seek to reach the planet.

His most recent global accomplishment is the creation and launch of the world wide web blog, the Levine Breaking News E-Alert, which frequently breaks world entertainment, sports, and political news faster than any other source or network on Earth. Fortunate readers of his daily site can often state, ‘that’s so old news, I read that hours ago on the LBN-elert!

A self made master of communication and public relations, Michael Levine is a name that is synonymous with star power and PR. He is one of the few great bridge builders between the stars and the rest of the planet. He is aptly titled the Michael Jordan of entertainment P.R.


Michael Levine; Booking Contact: www.StarpowerManagementLLC.com
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