How to Succeed in Hollywood


By Bruce Edwin

Bruce Edwin is CEO and producer / manager of Starpower Management LLC, and Producer of The Hollywood He is confidentially producing partners with numerous award winning stars for motion picture. He resides in Los Angeles.

Communication Protocol; Telephone, E-Mail, and Social Networking:

Use social media (myspace, facebook, twitter, you tube, etc), as networking, promotional, and sales tools, but not as your primary source of communication. If you start a communication on a social network, transfer that contact over to regular E-mail and then eventually the telephone and in person. Don’t try to limit the format to that one social media. The reason why, is that they are less reliable, they have more technical problems, are more convoluted, and most agents or managers will not maintain contact in that manner.


When E-mailing, create a template that automatically includes at the bottom of every message, your name, title (what you do), company name and address if you have one, your telephone numbers you may be reached at, fax  if you have one, email, and websites including myspace, facebook, twitter, etc.

If you are a model, send images in the body of your email. Many agents and managers do not like to open attachments from unknown senders, or, just may not want to make time for the extra second to open them. Be prepared to do the type of work in any photo you may send. For example, I interviewed one model who I saw based on the photo she sent me. In the image, she was tall and thin, in a bikini. In person, even though she looked great, she stated she would not do work in a swimsuit, as she was not comfortable with her self. Be consistent in all your actions, and with how you show your self. Make E-mails personable. Use the name of the person you are addressing. Ask questions, give praise, and declare simply and concisely what action you want them to take.


When leaving a message, always state your name and telephone number first, repeat the number twice, then, state in brief, the reason you are calling, the date and time you are calling and why you want the person to call you back. You can then repeat the number again briefly even a third time. You can also give them your website to go to. Be sure to keep the message brief. Do not babble.

When answering the phone, do not answer until you are ready to talk and give the caller your full attention. If you answer the phone, only to tell the person calling you that you are busy shopping, driving, working, or such, why bother answering to begin with? When on the phone, make sure you are in a good mood, happy, upbeat, not distracted, and in a good reception area where you can readily hear the caller and they can hear you.

Do not ever, ever, ever ask some one to call you back and leave the message on your answering machine. No! You answered the phone! Why try make them call twice? If you want that, you shouldn’t have picked up the call to begin with! Always have a pen and paper by the phone ready to take notes when you call. Being online ready to look of information needed during a call is also ideal when possible.

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