NY Fashion Week


Fashion Week in NYC wrapped here in Manhattan September 15th, hosted by Mercedes Benz, with Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Argentine Designer Collection, and Tommy Hilfiger. The Spring season here was celebrated by over 100 designers, with an average of 18 to 20 new collections, over a span of 7 days in numerous locations within the fashion capitol of the U.S.

Muted fabrics, darks, grays, and earth tones were prevalent here with most designers, yet wisely, a small number realized the sexiness of vibrant of color, with mixed, explosive patterns. Fewer still even dared to show skin, as if we were still in a republican era, yet some wisely chose to bring out striking cuts paralleling and criss-crossing bare skin, juxtaposed with fetishy gladiator inspired heels and boots, which are still being pumped out in to the market.

As always, fashion week in New York is the one to watch for in The States, yet these days, Los Angeles is quickly catching up. While L.A. lost America’s Next Top Model to NYC, it gained this year Project Runway, now hosted by the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), which is a big accomplishment not only for the school, but the city as well. We’ll look forward to seeing what next season brings. As they say, fashions live and die, but style will live forever!


- Bruce Edwin

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