How to Succeed In Hollywood

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Tell others that you want to work with, what you can and will do for them that they want. In the book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People,’ by Dale Carnegie, which is a must read, the author states that ‘the only way on Earth to influence other people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get it.’ If you intend to go to the top of your field in the entertainment industry, you need to do this, and be sure to follow through. If you are dealing with the rich, famous, or powerful, chances are, they will already know how to get what they want, and therefore, may not need you. Your challenge then is to show them why you will be more qualified to more quickly help them, with more gain and less hassle, rather than some one else. Don’t ask any one you want to work with to do for you what you can do for yourself. If for example, you need directions to a meeting and you already have the address, don’t tie up the office of the person you are seeing with trying to explain to you how to get there. You can just as easily do it yourself online or with a map. Instead of bothering some one you want to work with, with something little, build up the relationship with them and instead go after something big with them, that only they can make happen for you.

Present yourself well physically. I recently did a meeting with an actress, and she showed up to the office with bags under her eyes, and admitted she had not gotten much sleep the night before. Another talent that also showed up, looked fresh and well rested, and she walked out with directions to an audition for a commercial that the first talent could have had, if she had only thought to take care of her physical appearance.

If you intend to be on stage, screen, or in print, it is your duty to take the best care of your self and your appearance as possible. If you show up looking like a horrible mess in this business, you would be better off staying in bed and calling in sick. Never walk out of your door without looking your best. Even at the gym or on that errand out to pick up some food, you never know who you may run in to that can help your career. Also, eat healthy, stay in shape, and don't go under or over a healthy weight.

Don’t be negative. I spoke with a quite talented singer recently, and she rambled on about how horrible the market and economy was, and how she was hardly getting any work. First of all, if you are not getting work, do not volunteer to tell any one. They will not want to represent some one that is failing to land work. Secondly, if this person had bothered to do any homework on me before calling me, which I had done on her, she would have known that I do my best not to let the preaching of a doom and gloom mentality, or any negativity affect me if I can help it. If I did that, I would have curled up and gone away along time ago.

Speak favorably, optimistically, and with a 'win at all cost' attitude. No one will not want to work with you for being an eternal optimist. But some will not want to work with you if you are a pessimist, or a complainer. The media pumps enough lies, failure mentality, and fear in to the world constantly. Look at headlines from the 70’s, and you will see their same scare tactics about job loss and a failing planet. Break your addiction to bad news and pessimism, and believe against all odds, that no matter what, if you want it, you can do it! It's funny to take a break from the media, reading nothing but positive news, energizing your self, and then go back to reading all the fear and negativitely the media is obsessed with.

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