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Recommended: Bergamot Station

Extended, For a Limited Time:Vagos y Reinas

"Mac and Retna are unlikely partners. Mac is a photorealist: His work in spray paint makes the medium dissolve into a sea of classical touches. Retna is all brush: He is known for his abstract embellishments and calligraphic font. Collaboration is a constant in graffiti, but from the first time that Mac and Retna worked together on a mural it was clear that each painter brought out the best in the other; that the precision of one balanced the looseness of the other. In the five years since, Mac and Retna have collaborated on more than 20 murals around the globe, producing some of the most memorable, monumental work in recent memory. Vagos y Reinas is their widely anticipated first collaborative gallery show."


New Discovery: Terrell Moore on Hope St. in downtown L.A., a half block from 12th St.

After wondering for weeks who ran the gallery on Hope St., I finally got lucky. While staring in through the window, a couple of people standing in the alley said, "Are you looking for the artist?" They knocked on a window, as if it were a speakeasy, and Terrell Moore came out to meet me.

He was very friendly, showing me not only the work hung in the front area, but an entire back room full of large scale abstract canvases, some of which (the rose series) used automatic writing reminding me of Cy Twombly, and others, soft-core porn images on grids covered in black light sensitive dayglo white, reminded me more of Warhol. It was exciting to see an artist-run space by an artist who has been supporting himself solely on his art for 22 years.


Old Favorite: Just in time for your holiday shopping, P.Y.O. gallery runs a group show, "Reflections," of wallet-friendly prints that even your mom will love.

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