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By Bruce Edwin

Bruce Edwin is a film producer and talent manager in Los Angeles, California. He works confidentially with a number of celebrities, and has a slate of over one dozen feature films in various stages of production. He assisted the band Kill Hannah in getting signed to Atlantic Records in the 90s. He self published the rock magazine Subnormal for over a decade, during which he toured the country various times with numerous bands, distributing the magazine state by state, as well as in over 15 countries through a store called Tower Records. He has interviewed some of the biggest rock bands of our time. His most recent public appearance was at the repass for pop superstar Michael Jackson. The following ongoing article is from his upcoming book, dedicated to helping models, actors, and musicians learn how to do things the right way to become a success in Hollywood, cutting through the lies and hype. He resides in Los Angeles.

Don’t blindly trust the media. I just spoke with some one yesterday who asked me in all seriousness, if a certain celebrity I work with was alright. They had heard in the news that he had disappeared or had been kidnapped or something of that sort. Utter nonsense. I told them that some celebrities actually create rumors just to keep the publicity machine going. My advice is, even considering the source, don’t take any thing for face value and as the truth in the entertainment industry. Unless you are there to witness it with your own eyes, there are always two sides to every story, and sometimes, the stories are just blatantly wrong in every regard.

Expect people to lie about you and try to destroy you. If you work in the entertainment industry, eventually, if you are successful enough, you will inevitably encounter people who will try to break you or drag you down to their level. Remember the game king of the hill? Hollywood is like that, on a massive career long level, and many at the bottom of that hill do not play fair. They may swing, punch, hit, kick, spit, or call you names. Be ready to fight back, and keep your head above water to maintain your ground and go higher. Those at the bottom may not even want at the top, or they secretly do, but they know they don’t have what it takes to get to the top, so their only objective is to try to pull you down. Do not let them affect you.

Show appreciation for every one who helps you along the way. I know of a recording artist who had a history of using people to get a deal, and then dumping them, even if it meant violating contracts. He recently did that to the wrong person, an agent I know. That agent made one call to one of his high powered attorney’s on retainer, and with that one phone call, cost that musician thousands of dollars in legal fees to try and defend himself from a lawsuit. Don’t screw over your agent or manager. It will come back on you. Be nice to every one. As the cliché goes, even that waiter or waitress may end up being a big director or producer years from now that you want to work with. Hollywood is a small town, and people in this business may never remember if you do them right. They will however always remember if you do them wrong. Make friends not enemies, and get favors owed to you. Don’t cash in the favor card unless you absolutely need to. More on this in a future issue.

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