Farrah Fawcett - World's Top 10 Hottest Model


Some celebrities are famous for not being good at being stars, others are famous because they are great at it. Farrah Fawcett, who was also an accomplished actress, was first known internationally as a supermodel. In fact, her name was synonymous with the word model and beauty. ‘Well, she’s no Farrah Fawcett,’ one may say, ‘but she is cute.’ Her name became the standard of beauty and the definition by which the so called perfect woman would be defined by thousands of media, and millions of men, women, and children alike. Her famous face on one poster exemplified the seventies, and with stars like Farrah around, she made it end up being a great time to be alive. She was an icon of glamour, of grace, and of the sweetness and charm of a woman.

To say Farrah Fawcett is among the top 10 hottest models since the 1960s, goes without saying. Her image and fame led not only the modeling industry and its direction it would lead in to the 80’s and beyond, like few others, but the motion picture industry as well.

When agents and casting directors so often want the all American girl next door look, like a Farrah Fawcett type, the insider joke is, the all American girl next door look does not look like the girl next door. Most girls aren’t nearly six feet tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes, with a perfect symmetry and figure. Farrah Fawcett was. Her show stopping beauty and charm made here the ideal that Hollywood and the fashion industry sought after. She was stunning, yet her sincere good nature made her seem approachable by the common person. She was it. The IT girl of the 70s.

And so, we pay tribute here to a brave and beautiful woman adored by fans, loved by many, and dearly missed. Farrah Fawcett, we salute you.

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