Exclusive Interview with Michael Jackson Guitarist David Williams

by Bruce Edwin

Bruce Edwin: What?! The whole floor! Seriously?

David Williams: I kid you not. That (…) would get the entire floor, every single room. Some times I’d walk up there and he’d open up all the doors and no body could go on that floor unless they was supposed to be there. Rooms would be filled with toys. Entire rooms would be filled with stuffed animals and toys. Plushies.

Bruce Edwin: Plushies?!

David Williams: Plushies!

(we both bust out in laughter at the silly word. (…)

David Williams: He’d always have kids around. He always loved kids.

Bruce Edwin: Wow. Did you ever feel he did any thing he shouldn’t have?

David Williams:Bruce, I always believed Michael was innocent. I never saw him do any thing he wasn’t supposed to. But if I did, you can be damn sure I would have said something. I had kids. I wouldn’t let that happen if I saw it. Parents wanted their kids around him. The parents are responsible for the kids too. They brought them around.

Bruce Edwin: How did it all start David, how did you meet?

David Williams: I had my own life man. I was a musician. I was a singer. I bet you didn’t know that about me, did you? That I was a singer too? I was. I was a singer and guitar player. And I had my own band, and my own hit single. Did you know that about me Bruce?

Bruce Edwin: Wow, no, are you serious?

David Williams: Hell yes I’m serious m.f.! My band was Chanson. We had a song, it was on all the stations. It was a hit. Michael listened to the radio. He heard it and loved it. He found me and called me up and told me he loved my song and loved my sound and guitar and wanted me to play with him. He asked me to go on tour. I had a whole life before that. I had my own career that was going good, solo. And I had to make a decision, a big decision to quit all of that, because it couldn’t have been both. I would have continued, and gotten bigger, and who knows. But I chose to play behind some one else. But how could I not? Tell me Bruce, what would you have done? He was the biggest musician in the world! How could I have said no to that?!

Bruce Edwin: You couldn’t. I wouldn’t have.

David Williams: Exactly, and I didn’t. So I did it. And I never regretted it a day in my life. Now some times I do, when I can’t play and tour with him because this b… took my passport. But I have nothing but love for Michael. He did me right. He always did me right. And I don’t blame him one bit. He can’t go around waiting for me while this woman has got my s… so messed up. But Michael, he’s my brother. I love that man. As my brother now m.f.! Don’t get the wrong idea!

Bruce Edwin: Ha ha ha. Is he gay David?

David Williams: Bruce, I think he is, what do you call that word? Abstinent, for the most part.

Bruce Edwin: Wow.

David Williams: But no, I don’t think he’s gay. He just acts like it. Because he’s just sweet. He’s like a child. He’s a genius. He’s the master. He’s a pure genius. When Michael ever dies, you watch. The whole world will stop. People don’t remember how big he is, but he is. He’s that big. The world will stop for a minute.

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