Michael Jackson – The Mystery Revealed

The Interview by Rev. Jesse Jackson

Michael Jackson: It’s a feeding frenzy. It’s because of my celebrity. The bigger the celebrity, the bigger the target. And they have to remember that. So they’ve turned this into money, it’s like who gets the biggest ratings, you know, it’s terrible what’s happened with it. But it’s part of what I have to suffer as a celebrity. It’s part of what I have to go through. And to just know in the end that I will be vindicated, I pray, because I know the truth. I’m an innocent person. And I believe in God and love God. And just continue to pray for us. (…) my level of trust will change. And there there’s a lot of conspiracy going on. I’ll say that much. A lot of it. ( …) All around me.

Jesse Jackson: Is the conspiracy connected to the celebrity or to the trial or to the catalog, what do you think the source of it is?

Michael Jackson: I - I can’t comment. I can’t comment Jessie, I - I don’t wanna… it ah, I’m under a gag order and it’s a very serious thing. I don’t want to say the wrong thing. With the wrong flavor. It’s a very delicate area. Very delicate where we are now.

Jesse Jackson: (…) Let me ask you this question though, that for those who are praying fervently, want to help and look forward to seeing Michael Jackson again. What can people expect next from you?

Michael Jackson: Well, like I always say, I’m a person of the arts. I love the arts very, very, very much. And I’m a musician, I’m a director, I’m a writer, I’m a composer, I’m a producer, and I love the medium. I love film very, very much. I think it’s the most expressive of all of the art mediums. The sculptor can sculpt, the painter can paint, but they capture a moment, they freeze time with the moment. In film, you live the moment. You live, you have the audiences for two hours. You have their brain, their mind, you can take them any place you want to take them. You know, and that idea is mesmerizing to me, that you can have the power to do people, to move people to change their lives and that’s where you marry the music (and the) individual together. And that’s what excites me so much about film and the future. Because I love motion pictures very, very much.

Jesse Jackson: Given (…) the taxing issue that you are facing now, does it deter you from pursuing your career when this is over?

Michael Jackson: No! No. Not at all. Because inside and outside and I know what I want to do. And I will always you know, go with my dreams and my ideals in life. And I’m a very courageous person and I believe in perseverance, determination, and you know, and all those wonderful things, and those ideals are very important for a person who is goal orientated, you know?

(final words to Jesse for the fans)

Michael Jackson: I just wanna’ say, fans in every corner of the Earth, every nationality, every race, every language, I love you from the bottom of my heart. You know, thank you for your love and support and understanding during this trying time. I would love your prayers, and your goodwill. And please be patient and be with me and believe in me because I am completely, completely innocent. But please know a lot of conspiracy is going on at this time as we speak.


Michael Jackson was accused for the last time in 2003. On August 30, 2003, I had the pleasure to be at his 45th birthday party at the Orpheum in downtown Los Angeles. On this unforgettable night, he stated how a certain British reporter had tricked him, and violated contracts.

Approximately two years later, on June 13, 2005, a jury of four men and eight women found Michael Jackson not guilty. The verdict came after a fourteen week trial that included testimony from 140 witnesses. Michael stated he had been vindicated. Millions of fans around the world rejoiced.

On June 25, 2009, Michael passed on. 12 days later, on July 7, 2009, a beautiful public memorial was held for Michael Jackson at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, after his private funeral, that was seen around the world. It was one of the biggest entertainment events of all time. His private repass followed in Beverly Hills. Don’t miss this actual interview with Michael’s voice conducted by Rev. Jackson at the website below, and help support his efforts.



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