Michael Jackson – A Life of Stardom


Michael Jackson – A Life of Stardom

In 1991 Michael signed with Sony Music the largest ever recording contract and released his fourth solo album, 'Dangerous'. He toured world again in 1992, taking his concerts to countries that had never before been visited by a pop / rock artist. Michael then founded the 'Heal the World Foundation' to help improve the lives of children across the world.

In 1994 Michael married Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of rock legend Elvis Presley. The marriage lasted for nineteen months. They divorced in 1996.

1995 saw Michael release a fifth solo album, 'HIStory', which was a double album, with the first half new material and the second half greatest hits. Michael toured again covering a two year period. In between the tour on November 14th 1996, Michael married for his second time to Debbie Rowe who was a nurse that Michael had met during the treatment of his skin disorder. Together they had their first child Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., born on February 13th 1997 and a daughter Paris Michael Katherine Jackson born on April 3rd 1998.

In 1997 Michael released the remix album 'Blood On The Dance Floor' which also contained 5 new song linked with a 40 minute film ‘Ghosts’. In this film by John Landis, Michael worked with Stephen King and played five roles using the latest special effects and make-up artistry, combined with his dance and music.

In September, 2001 Michael celebrated his 30th anniversary as a solo artist with two concerts to be held in New York City. Many artists such as Whitney Houston, Usher, Destiny’s Child, and many more performed their own and Michael’s songs. Michael then reunited with all of his brothers and performed their biggest hits, he then performed solo.

In October 2001 Michael released the album 'Invincible' releasing two singles including the big hit ‘You Rock My World.’ Shortly after the albums release, there were rumors of a rift with Sony Music and a lack of promotion of the album.

In 2002, Prince Michael II was born by a different mother than Ms. Rowe. In November 2003 a new single ‘One More Chance’ was released as a single and was also a track on new compilation album ‘Number Ones.’

In March 2009, Michael announced a comeback tour at the O2 Arena in London to start in July 2009, initially for 10 dates but the total grew to a sold out 50 dates with over 750,000 tickets sold. All sold tickets sold out within minutes of being released setting a world record.

On March 6th, 2009, guitarist David Williams, who had been battling to get his passport back to do the tour, taken away due to an ex girlfriend who had sued him, died of a heart attack in Richmond, Virginia. He was 59. On June 25th 2009 Michael Jackson died suddenly of a reported cardiac arrest in the mid afternoon in Los Angeles, California. He was 50.

Since the loss of Michael, media attention has been overwhelming, and fans have outpoured their attention and love. Michael Jackson, the biggest living star of our time, filled the entire world with a brighter existence.

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