Michael Jackson – The Mystery Revealed

The Interview by Rev. Jesse Jackson

Fearless, legendary, and ready to jump in the middle of any fire of injustice, Reverend Jesse Jackson has been a friend and spiritual advisor to Michael Jackson (who were not related), and the Jackson family since Michael was a young boy with the Jackson 5. I had the pleasure to shake hands and meet Mr. Rev. Jesse Jackson at the repass for Michael. History already remembers Jesse Jackson as a man of dedication to the worthy cause of civil rights, integrity, intelligence, faith, and a force of 'power to the people.'

A number of years back, Jesse Jackson conducted a rare interview with Michael Jackson on his radio show. It is more revealing as to the truth of what Michael endured than a thousand twisted lies on websites and media around the world. Why was Michael so limited in his press? Now we know why. Who gained if he failed? Who sought to destroy him and why? Now you can see the puzzle revealed in the interview as follows. It is legendary, as the man who conducted it and the star himself. We share a portion of it with you here now. (abridged)

Jesse Jackson: What about this (earlier) period (with the Jackson 5) that stands out the most in your mind?

Michael Jackson: This period for me which stands out is because I was so young around that time. I was like eight, eight or nine. I just remember the environment, what it was like, all the music I was hearing. My father played guitar. My uncle played guitar. Everyday they would come over, and you know they would play great music. And we would start to perform to the music. I remember seeing marching bands go down the street. I would remember the rhythm of the band and the beats of the drum. And every sound around me seem to record in my head and start making rhythms and dancing. I use to dance to the rhythm of the washing machine. My mother went to the corner store to wash the clothes. I would dance to the rhythm and people would crowd around. I remember those kind of stories. They would crowd around pretty much and watch me. Those kind of little things. They are reflections really.

On abuse allegations:

Michael Jackson: (…) I’m being accused of something, where I know in my heart and in my experiences in life I’m totally innocent, and it’s very painful. But this has been kind of a pattern among black luminaries in this country.

Jesse Jackson: And so, you had these hits, and people that you have embraced are now facing you in court on a daily basis. How does your spirit handle that?

Michael Jackson: (…) I pray a lot and… that’s how I deal with it and I’m a strong person, I’m a warrior. And I know what’s inside of me. I’m a fighter. But it’s very painful. At the end of the day, I’m human, you know, I’m still a human being. So it does hurt very, very, very much.

Jesse Jackson: (regarding rumors) (…) Michael, are you broke?

Michael Jackson: That’s not true at all. It’s one of their many schemes to embarrass me and to just drag me through mud. And it’s the same pattern, like I told you before with these other people in the past. Same pattern. Don’t believe (it), you know, this is tabloid, sensationalized kind of gossip.

Jesse Jackson: Well, how did the money issue get in it in the first place? Some people called and they thought it was about the Sony catalog. What’s in that catalog?

Michael Jackson: In my Sony Catalog, is all the Beatles music, all of the music I own, I own Sly and the Family Stone, I own such a volume of so many, I own Elvis, so many Elvis songs and it’s a huge catalog, very valuable, it’s worth a lot of money. And there is a big fight going on right now, as we speak about that. Now, I can’t say whether or not – I can’t comment on it, but there’s a lot of conspiracy, I’ll say that – conspiracy going on as we speak.

Jesse Jackson: (…) Where you are now in the head, how you are feeling?

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