Michael Jackson – King of Pop Lives On


Behind me was Spike Lee, who I’d met years ago, and who is always very cool. We talked a moment, and then out walked Jermaine Jackson. We all give Jermaine a hug and our condolences. I had the pleasure to meet Jermaine over a year ago when I did a meeting with Tito near Havenhurst, through my client and friend, David Williams, Michael’s guitarist, who has also passed. Jermaine was here, kind and sincere as always, as is Tito, and as was Michael.

Jermaine and his brothers never speak with a condescending tone or attitude. Instead, they are not only down to earth, they are sweet. People want to love them as they do their brother Michael, not only because of their fame and talent, but because they give off love. Jermaine thanked me for being there with our love and support. That is love the Jackson family gives and is about.

Congressman Jackson walked out and spoke with me for some time. She proved to be a very kind woman. Farther off, there was Corey Feldman and his wife Susie. Corey was incredibly kind to me, and his lovely wife was as well. Usher, Tyrese, Tyler Perry, and Lil’ Kim were also about, but I was over talking to Mr. Joe Jackson, and giving him my condolences and asking if he has seen one of our mutual friends. Joe was very kind and generous to me with his time. He tells me the gentleman had been there, but just left. Sheila E. talked to my partner behind me, and Jennifer Hudson walked by.

More people left after a couple of hours, and we walked out, taking a secret exit, past the paparazzi, police, and more fans, and back to the car. The surreal memory of this event faded in to the bright Beverly Hills sun, as we rolled down Rodeo and headed for the hills. My partner flipped on the radio. I heard Beat It by Michael Jackson. I felt like crying again. I looked up to sky. Before long, I could see the Hollywood sign. There will never be a day again like this. There will never be another Michael Jackson. We miss you.

-Bruce Edwin

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