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The 100 Day Challenge – Take Charge of your Life by Fulfilling Your Goals Now

The only reason any one doesn’t achieve anything, is because they don’t have a goal and they don’t take action. I have devised a simple plan in which you can make massive change in your life, in reaching your highest goals. It is not a revolutionary or new idea, but it works, and if you are not reaching your goals now, then you owe it to yourself to take the challenge and do it. Here is how it works. Think of every goal that you have that you absolutely must achieve in order to make yourself a happier, more successful person. Decide to spend the next 100 days working on that goal, and determine how much time it will take you to reach that goal in those next 100 days.

For example, if your goal is to make 100 thousand dollars, you know that in those 100 days, you must make at least 1000 thousand dollars per day. Now, based on what you do, determine how much time you need to spend per day in order to reach the result of that goal within those next 100 days. If you can make 1000 dollars in one hour, then you only need to spend 1 hour per day on that goal. If you feel can only make 100 per hour, then you may need to spend 10 hours per day.

You can apply this to any goal. If you intend to write a screenplay, you must write at least 1 page a day for 100 days. If you intend to be a successful actor, you may decide to meet 100 casting directors in 100 days, or 100 agents. If you need to lose 20 pounds, you may decide to lose 1 and a half pounds or so per week, with daily goals broken down in to each hour you are awake. If you are a singer who wants to be one of the greatest singers ever, you may decide to read 50 books on singing, one book every other day, call 100 vocal coaches for advice, and take 100 hours of vocal lessons. If you want to be a model, you may decide to call 20 companies per day and ask them to use you in their campaign for an ad, and do this for 100 days, until you get 100 or more that say yes. You can have fun with this and create your own equation, because after all, it’s your life and your goals. Just make sure it is realistic for those 100 days, that it works, and that you stick to it.

The main reason people fail at anything, is because they don’t have a plan with goals, or they do, but they don’t stick to it. The purpose of this exercise, which should be your goal unto itself, is to force you in to a daily routine and structure of acting and performing regular, daily routines which culminate in the accumulation of your overall total goals.

To do this, get a large piece of construction paper, or, a lined tablet, and number down it from 1 to 100 for each day. Be sure to account for any weekends or days in which you cannot act and achieve results on your goals. At the top of the page or pages, draw a line and create categories, and list at the top of each page, each goal that you intend to do. You may for example have 5 categories at the top of each page. One may state MONEY – MAKE 100K, another may state WRITE SCRIPT, yet another may state GET NEW CAR, or GET NEW HOUSE, and so on. Be sure to specify beneath each category, what action per day you will take, and for how long you intend to and will take action on it, for each goal during the course of each of the 100 days.

The element of 100 days is a magic number, because it is obviously shorter than a year, which may seem too long and far away, but it is more manageable than a month, which often may be too short for larger goals. The principle of 100 days, as you begin this now, will correspond closely with the cycle of the seasons, and you will feel charged and energized as you are born in to a new, better you, as your environment itself shifts.

Do not tell anyone about your 100 day challenge unless you feel they will support you in your success. One of the main reasons people fail at anything great they want to achieve, is because they listen to naysayers who may even be so called friends or family that attempt to tell them they will fail, out of jealousy. Or, if you have an iron will, tell a friend or loved one and make a bet with them to really put on the pressure. Or, post it on blog. There is nothing like the fear of public humiliation or ridicule to motivate. Just remember, don’t attempt to do something you can’t or won’t really do, and don’t share goals or achievements that others out there could potentially destroy or take away from you. Be guarded in who you share your goals or successes with.

If you screw up and miss a day on a goal, don’t beat yourself up, and for goodness sake whatever you do, don’t quit. Simply force yourself to do double on it the next day to make up for it. But do not use that ability to make up a missed day as an excuse to deliberately miss a day. Another reason many people fail is that they make excuses, and procrastinate. The super successful make decisions to act quickly, without hesitation, and they never quit, despite any adversity, fear, failure, or obstacles. I assure you, that if you do this correctly, at the end of the 100 days, you will be amazed at what you accomplished that you before, only dreamed of. Then, you can start over with new goals.

If you need ideas to create your own 100 day challenge, you can call me for free advice. Take my “100 Day Challenge,” and start on June 1st, 2010, to be your best and reach your top most goals in life. It’s an exciting adventure, and it is what life is all about, getting better and better every day, and closer, to becoming who you want to be. And I invite you all to write to me now at the front page of this site, and share with me and our readers your goals, and how you are doing. When we all pursue our dreams and passions with love, excitement, and success, there will be far more peace and happiness in the world. And that is my friends, what life is all about.

- Bruce Edwin

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