A moth got in my bathroom somehow tonight, and was flittering around the light. Instead of killing it, I thought, 'It’s a moth. I will catch it and let it go free.' So I did, and out the window it flew, back to its freedom. Why are moths attracted to flames that may even destroy them? Because they hereditarily see by light sources parallel to their vision, that are distant from them, such as the Sun, which they can keep a straight angle to. When they try to line up a straight angle to a ray of light from a lamp or candle, they smack in to it, and often keep doing so, again and again (Source: Ms. Tomov, EarthSky.Org).

Why may we seek to save insects such as a moth or a butterfly, but kill other bugs? We seem to have more respect for things that fly, which we humans can not do unaided, and less care perhaps for creatures that crawl, which we all began doing. Or it may have to do with cleanliness and our perceptions of beauty, which is socialized.

Hitler used to run propaganda films in German theatres, disgustingly comparing Jews to pigs. Yet Hitler himself, who ordered the torture and killing of Jews, was part Jewish. Jews today are still smeared by racists as being cheap, and tight with their money. Yet, it is this same respect for money that the Jewish community wisely adopted, that helped create one of the richest, most stable, and flourishing industries in the world, the motion picture industry.

I doubt there are many racist men, who when pressed, particularly the single ones, would not turn down a chance to date a pretty model of the very race they claimed they could not stand. I was shocked to meet a model once, who was a pretty, 20 year old Caucasian, who stated she could not stand Asian people. When pressed, she had no logical explanation for this feeling, though she did admit to me that her parents felt the same way. Like Hitler, she hated a part of her own genetic history. Racism is generally created by bad upbringing. Tell a child a lie over and over, and they generally will grow up to believe it, until their mind progresses to learn otherwise.

We all may chase the flames at times that can burn us, but at least we usually learn. We evolved to know how to see and be guided by the light, but yet not to stare in to the Sun and become blinded. And when our light is a short distance away from us, we are smart enough to focus around it. Lets not be blinded by the short sighted ignorance of those who see and think like moths. There is beauty in every race, and good people in every country on Earth. Life is sacred, so let’s respect it.

- Bruce Edwin, Editor, ® The Hollywood Sentinel

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