Maggie Barry – Fashion’s Metal Maverick


She followed blue hair from NYC, which led her over to Los Angeles, where she hooked up with a band called Poison, and the rest was fashion rock history. Below is part 2 of our exciting, exclusive interview with Hollywood’s coolest Los Angeles designer to the stars, Maggie Barry. Part one may be read here.

Maggie Barry: (ON HER FASHION SHOWS), (…) I can’t take full credit, you know, everything I do, it’s a path, and as I walk down that path, I gather friends, and then we have a party, so that’s kind of how we do it.

BRUCE EDWIN: Did you do CBGB’s and THE LIMELIGHT and all that at all?

Maggie Barry: Yeah, CBGB’s, The Limelight, I had a fashion show at The Limelight actually. I used to be a doorperson at STUDIO 54, and PALLADIUM, and AREA.


Maggie Barry: So I moved out to L.A. because (…) all these cool clubs were happening, and I was like, This is the place to be! It was so awesome. So anyway, I came out here, and it was just like rock star heaven. This is where I’m gonna’ be. This is great.

BRUCE EDWIN: that’s awesome. Has the fetish fashion scene influenced you a lot? Were you in to that?

Maggie Barry: Yeah, well, (…) I work in leather. So my work is getting a little fetishy because I work in leather. Leather tells you what to do. When you work in leather, there are certain things that kind of make the right balance. We always have a little bit of that kind of dominance approach to leather, because that’s how it looks right to me, and it also looks wearable. I almost think about what shoes I’m going to wear before I make the clothes, so it starts with the motorcycle boot in my opinion, and from there you build up. Back then it was Doc Martens you know, or whatever.

So I mean, I like feminine clothes, but I like the balance of having something a little hard on it. It looks modern and young that way. And so we always do a little bit of- if it’s a zipper, it’s a motorcycle zipper. If it’s a buckle, it’s a roll buckle. You know, I like studs. I like working in fashion almost from the point of a coddler. (…) I love leather, and there’s no way I’m giving leather up. And it’s a really good fabric. It lasts forever, and it keeps its shape, it’s a good fabric, you know, I know it’s an animal, but I eat hamburger, you know. If you can tell me how to turn tofu in to a jacket, I’ll do it.

BRUCE EDWIN:Ha Ha! That’s funny. That was my next question actually, was about fur, you know, what would you say to the anti-fur people and all that?

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