Yeah Yeah Yeahs Give Us Something To Scream About


Emerging with their first full album in 2003, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ existed in the New York punk scene and so called post ‘No Wave’ scene in the late nineties, as grunge was cleaning the mud off, and the doco ‘Kill Your Idols,’ directed by Scott Crary came out a year later which featured them and their mentors. Named after the band of the same name, and the phrase by legends Sonic Youth, the underground music scene quickly noticed a sexy young rocker and her band called The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ in the film, and now, six years later, Karen O. and her boys are still making music hot again.

Named by Subnormal Magazine as one of the best rock bands of the decade, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back and hotter than ever with It's Blitz! The band's third album proper, out now and tearing up the streets. Of the band, Subnormal Magazine, which broke out with one of the first interviews with Jewel after predicting to her she would be a star, states, ‘There are few new bands we get excited about, because really, so much new music is just trash, and will never be as good as those before them. Garbage was one of the few, and then Kill Hannah. There are a small handful of others. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’, thanks to Karen O. and the bands brilliance, have picked up that same power and genius Garbage had in the 90’s, and PJ Harvey still has. They have made music exciting again.

Sexy singer Karen O tells us, ‘I just love the feeling of getting on stage and the audience screaming for us to play our songs.’ And scream they do, for good reason.

Merging the wild craziness of PJ Harvey, the fetish fashion punk sensibility of Deborah Harry (Blondie) and Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders), the raw power of her influences of Iggy and The Stooges, and the artistry of The Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth, Karen O. and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ incendiary live shows are the stuff of legend.

Nick Zinner,Brian Chase, and Karen O. mean business as they strut both punk rock disco explosions and brave ballads that cut both sides of the chain, straight to the heart, and make you wanna’ dance dance dance before its all over.

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