How to Succeed in Hollywood©


- By Bruce Edwin

The further lesson for you here is this; every one in this business has their own agenda. If some one feels they can not make money off you signing with some one, and thinks they can make money off of you instead by not signing with that person, and working with them alone, then they may try to talk you out of that deal, even if that deal is in your best interest. So, not only will jealous friends, family, or other aspiring models or talent try to cut you out of trying and succeeding, other agents, managers, lawyers, or instructors may try to cut out their own competition, and try to steal you away, whether you realize it or not, and even if they are inferior.

In families, I have seen jealous adult sisters or brothers tell the other sibling they are ugly and should quit. I have seen parents, miserable in their own failed lives, try to prevent their children from having a better life then they had. And there is of course, the overbearing stage mom, who in her 40’s or 50’s, secretly wants to be a star herself, and is only using her child or teenager to get the glory they themselves secretly want. They will go so far as to try and dress like a child, running around in public half exposed, trying to upstage their child who they secretly suppress.

Still, other parents, family, or so called friends, may try and tell aspiring actors, models, or musicians to grow up, and get a real job or career. The thought of struggling to achieve one's dreams no matter how tough, may be foreign to them. Perhaps they settled for mediocrity and conformity, doing what was expected of them, instead of having a life of following their own true will and bliss.


3) The third biggest reason models and talent fail in this business, is for the simple fact that they are late, and also do not answer their phone. This goes back up to point number one, of treating this business as a career, and with the respect it deserves. I can not tell you how many models or actors have showed up to an interview with me at my office late. Many did not even have the common courtesy to tell me they were going to be late, or to apologize when they were. What happened to common courtesy? Number one, NEVER BE LATE. If you are, at least have the courtesy to call in advance as soon as you know you are, and offer to reschedule, and be prepared to lose your opportunity with grace and humility. If you are fortunate to still get in if you are late, apologize and mean it. If you show up late to meet an agent or manager, it tells them two things, one, that you do not respect their time, which is money, and two, that you may be late for an audition or job, which will make them look bad and hurt their finances. BE ON TIME, which means BE EARLY. Allow time for traffic and parking.

ANSWER YOUR PHONE. Too many models and talent are mistaken in that they think it is their agent or managers duty to always answer their phone call, instead of the other way around. Most agents and managers are on the phone non stop, calling producers and casting directors, handling castings, and trying to get a hold of actors, models, or musicians that do not answer their phone. Models and talent need to be reachable, and answer their phone when their representation calls, at their ability, not the other way around. Agents and managers do not have the time or patience for phone tag. If you are not reachable the first time, if there is some one else in that same firm that can take your place, your name usually goes to the bottom of the list, beneath all of the other people that are yet to be called. If it happens enough times that you don’t answer your phone, you will not be taken very seriously, and may eventually be dropped. ANSWER YOUR PHONE at all times.


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