A.C. Lyles- Paramount’s Legendary Charm


By Bruce Edwin

An Exclusive Interview with Paramount’s Very Own, A.C. Lyles

The following is the third part of The Hollywood Sentinel’s exclusive interview with the most well connected producer in the world, A.C. Lyles, conducted by Bruce Edwin. Part one and Part Two can be read in previous issues of the Hollywood Sentinel.The interview was conducted on lot at Paramount Pictures. No part of Mr. Lyles words have been altered. Portions of the original interview tape were shortened due to limitations of space, or for areas of topic off the record.

His is the stuff legends are made of - the biggest legends of all time. He had no back up, Plan B. Failure was never an option. He came, he saw, he conquered. If the words ‘greatness,’ and ‘living legend’ mean anything at all, it is defined by this man known as A.C. Lyles. The writer, producer, and studio publicist who handled and helped launch the careers of the biggest superstars in the world including Clint Eastwood among many, many more.

Known often as the official spokesman for Paramount Pictures and Hollywood to the rest of the world, A.C. Lyles, who used to regularly travel on Air Force One with his best friend and then President Ronald Reagan, used to have his own office in the White House for 8 years. Today, he counts Kings and Queens of countries, and even Prince Charles as one of his good friends, and has been friends with the biggest movie stars in the world that ever walked the Earth, including John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe. Husband to the lovely Martha Vickers, and, before that, boyfriend to other such screen goddesses as Barbara Payton, Ginger Rogers, and Joan Crawford among more, Mr. Lyles has lived and still lives the life most can only dream of. If Hollywood would ever have a King, he would preside its towering throne.

If you ever have the pleasure and honor to meet Mr. A.C. Lyles, you will realize that he gives you 100% of his attention, treats you as if you are the only person at that time that exists, and are the most important person in the world. When I ran in to him once on the street of Hollywood Boulevard, I was leaving Mel’s Diner, and he was exiting a commemorative event at the Hollywood Museum honoring Marilyn Monroe, where he spoke of his friend Marilyn that he used to go clubbing with. Suddenly, a homeless beggar interrupted us, reeking of odor. Mr. Lyles at once pulled out his wallet, looked in to the mans eyes with care, and handed him money, patting him on the back, and talking to him like a real human being, telling him he really hoped it would help him. Several minutes later, the man returned when we were still talking, and again, Mr. Lyles gave him more. That is the kind of person A.C. Lyles is. And that is why Hollywood publicist Michael Levine, who has represented over 200 Academy Award ® winning stars, stated, “A.C. Lyles is known as the gentleman of the West, and for good reason. He is the most charming man I know.” Without a doubt. Now, without further ado, The Hollywood Sentinel® is proud to introduce to you Mr. A.C. Lyles.

BRUCE EDWIN: You’ve worked with and known the most beautiful leading ladies in the world, is there one that in your mind, aside from, in my mind the obvious, Marilyn Monroe, that stands out as the most beautiful?

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