Actor Mark Woolley Shows How to Make Big Money during Tough Economy


British actor and musician Mark Woolley found a creative way to earn some extra cash during the recent Screen Actor’s Guild strike; he started giving guitar lessons. Now, after growing from a few students a month to every night, he is one of the most in demand guitar instructors in Southern California, and he doesn’t even advertise.

"I just had a friend that asked me to teach him on day," Mark Woolley states. "He offered to pay me. Soon, just through word of mouth, I had several more people who wanted to learn. It went from some extra grocery money, to paying my rent, making about a hundred an hour." Now, after teaching a certain A-list celebrity, Mr. Woolley has become the go to man for movie stars and the elite who want to learn in private, how to play electric or acoustic guitar.

Actor and musician Mark Woolley relocated to California from London after outgrowing the U.K. market, having made a name for him self on stage and screen there. He started in theatre at the age of 14, joined the local Youth Theatre, and appeared in countless shows in London, as well as regional theatres, after breaking out from the Fringe theatre and Street theatre scenes in the UK.

He soon later starred in several theatrical productions in Los Angeles, including Shakespeare's ‘Hamlet’ and ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream.’ He next starred in the film ‘Poet Heads’ which won the Best Mockumentary Feature at last years Harlem International Film Festival.

A professional musician, Mark Woolley co-wrote and recorded the song ‘Back to You,’ which appears on the soundtrack of the independent film ‘3 Days Gone.’ Having begun playing the guitar at the age of 12, first taught by his mother, the music veteran both writes and composes music, plays guitar, mandolin, piano, and stand up bass among more. His music is known for its unique blending of the styles of rock and classical, with occasional electronic overtones. He may be contacted through his management at

Tel: 310-226-7176.

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