Maggie Barry – Fashion's Rebel Youth Queen


Maggie Barry: You know, I don’t work in fur, because I live in California, so it doesn’t really seem to apply to the climate that we’re in, but we do a lot of stuff with recycled furs, which are old furs that we just chop up and change around. Generally I don’t work in fur, because my clients don’t need fur (…)

BRUCE EDWIN: Aside from the obvious of the entertainment industry being based here more, and its influence on that, what would you say is the main difference between NYC and L.A. fashion?

Maggie Barry: New York is geared toward really fashion, and I work in L.A., and L.A. doesn’t get any respect, it really should because we control the media, and what is worn and seen, you know , L.A. is where people kind of experiment with fashion. If its not sexy, it won’t make a good picture, if it won’t make a good picture, therefore, it won’t make the media, therefore, its just clothes. So L.A., it’s that camera driven thing, for photo opp’s. When we think of our clothes, we think of how does it look in a picture? You know, is this angle good? Does your butt look good? You know, so kind of, it’s a different kind of thing here in L.A, because people have a different kind of lifestyle.

You can roll out of bed and be in your pajamas all day, and its no big deal. You can go to dinner in your pajamas. But its formal here, and when you are formal here, and you’re an artist, you get to do what you want. You know, if every body’s in black ties, but you’re hip hop (…), it’s all like well, he’s just hip hop. So it’s kind of a beautiful freedom. We’re not stuck with rules. So, that’s kind of the great thing about being in L.A., and being a designer, and there are a lot of other designers in L.A. that are doing it their way out here, and they have just as much integrity, as what’s walking down Seventh Avenue. And those clothes are great too, those are great clothes, but you know, those clothes are not gonna’ be on stage.

The purpose of clothing is to provide the needs for that customer. And you know, if your customer is a rock star, then that’s your customer, and I’m going to get your rock star on. That’s what I do. It’s the same kind of business. If you’re gonna’ have fun, you call me. If you just want to wear some clothes, I’m probably not the right place…

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