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By Bruce Edwin

Our days are always filled with fun and excitement—yet hard work—here at The Hollywood Sentinel. From interviews with stars, VIP parties, red carpets, and film festivals among more, to some, our work sounds like a party. While that may be true to an extent, it is also hard work; long hours in front of our computers, tons of paperwork, calls, pitches, traveling throughout and beyond Los Angeles, and more. We love what we do, and we are thankful for the opportunity to do what we love, and bring you our vision of the world of entertainment. Guadulesa Rivera art sale With that said, September and October, as always, have been an extremely busy and exciting time of the year for us. The following is a brief reflection on just some of the great events we had the honor to attend and experience. Thank you to all of our readers and clients for helping to make it all possible. This is a very exciting time of year, when anything great can happen, and it usually does. We wish you all a very happy Halloween, and a great rest of the year.

- Bruce Edwin

HollyShorts Film Festival

The 9th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival was held during the end of August, with over 1,000 attendees celebrating the festival’s Awards ceremony celebration at the Roosevelt Hotel Ballroom and lobby. The HollyShorts Best Short Film Grand Prize went to Mitsuyo Miyazaki for her short film Tsuyako. With the prize, Miyazaki took home a $10,000 post-production and finishing services prize. She also won an all expense paid trip to Wellington, New Zealand, to show her film there. During the celebration, the festival set the dates for 2014. Next year, the 10th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival will take place August 14th to 23rd in Hollywood. The festival also announced it will unspool a screenplay competition in 2014.

The 9th edition of the HollyShorts Film Festival featured over 12,000 attendees with 7 days of screenings, daily networking events, panels and seminars during the HollyShorts Film Conference and Awards. 2013 Visionary Award honoree Matthew Modine closed the festival with the theatrical premiere of his collection of short films at the TCL Chinese Theatre. The event was filled with great talent, and was hugely inspiring and rewarding for all who participated and attended. We highly recommend participating or attending if you can. For more information, visit www.HollyShorts.com. Introducing: Draven Midnight - Breaking New Artist | ReverbNation

Shaolin Temple Cultural Festival

The Shaolin Temple Cultural Festival was held this October at the Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles. On October 12th, the competitions were held which included hundreds of martial arts students participating from the countries top schools from across America. Kung Fu students of the best levels competed from morning until evening in every Kung Fu move, in front of other students, schools, fans, and a panel of judges who judged each one. Legendary martial arts school Jin Wu Kung Fu, based in Chinatown of Downtown Los Angeles took home 4 awards, including an award for the great school itself, headed by Master XJ (who was one of the judges) and Master Shane. Caryl M. Christian Levy Jin Wu Kung Fu also had 3 students take home awards, one for third place, one for second place, and also with a young, talented Kung Fu expert named Oas bringing home a first place trophy to his team. The festival also included classes for the public in Kung Fu, Chi Gong, meditation, arts, crafts and culture, travel, Buddhist teachings and prayer, and more. The most exciting moments during the festival included an amazing performance by the warrior monks of the Shaolin Temple, who put on an over hour long Kung Fu show on stage with lights and music. Seeing these masters perform was truly awe inspiring, showing the skill level comparable to an Olympic athlete. All are encouraged to attend next year for this exciting show and bring friends and family. For more detail, you may visit the official website at:www.shaolintempleculturalfestival.com. To see an excerpt of a former show from from the temple, watch here.

Jin Wu Kung Fu

For those that reside in Los Angeles, Jin Wu Kung Fu accepts new students of all ages. All classes are taught directly by Shaolin Kung Fu Masters who trained directly at the Shaolin Temple for many years of their life in China, the original source of Kung Fu. For more information, visit: www.JinWuKungFu.com

Rand Luxury Review

Rand Luxury Group hosted a fun event October 16th at the Peterson Automotive Museum near Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. The Luxury Review events are a series of press and media showcases that feature the latest in luxury products and services. The primary purpose for these events are to provide public relations and brand exposure for all of its exhibitors and sponsors. Each event typically sees over 200 taste makers, journalists, editors, stylists, TV & Movie Producers, product placement specialists, luxury aficionados and bloggers along with industry executives. CEO and Founder of Rand Luxury and the Luxury Review, Bradford Rand states, "Our 2011 Luxury Review showcases serve as the ultimate shopping experiences for the affluent consumer (by invitation only). A portion of all of the sales proceeds from each of the select participating brands will benefit The American Red Cross."

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Bradford Rand continues, "At an “Evening of Luxury” event, RAND’s privately invited guests and clients of the participating luxury sponsors are treated to cocktails & hors d’ oeuvres that they can enjoy while perusing the finest jewelry and timepieces from DeWitt, Harry Winston, Piaget, Jaeger-LeCoultre, BlancpaiN & Parmigiani. As they sip on Tattinger Champagne, and fine wines from Silver Oak & Shafer Vineyards, they can learn more about private aviation & luxury travel provided by Marquis Jet, Avantair, Lufthansa Private Jet Services or Flexjet. Thereafter they might choose to plan a spa treatment at Canyon Ranch or Townhouse Spa or more exotic vacations offered by Abercrombie & Kent or Private Escapes." The Peterson Automotive Museum is a very cool, upscale museum to see amazing cars, and enjoy a great party atmosphere, especially when hosted by a true professional, Bradford Rand, who does a great job for his clients. For more information on the nationwide events, visit: www.theluxuryreview.com

Fashion Week L.A.

A Fashion Week in any major city is always exciting. Naturally, the cities that most count for fashion are Paris, Milan, and New York City, yet now cities including Miami and Los Angeles have now also arrived. Fashion Week in Los Angeles is packed with top designers from all over the world that fly in and pay for runway shows to showcase their latest collections. Some promoters, not connected to the official fashion week, try to ride off of the coat tails of fashion week, during, and even days before or after the actual event. Many fashion shows take place by variously produced entities.

Style Fashion Week

Style Fashion Week was one of the many groups involved again with show productions this year, and on the night of Tuesday October 15th, The Hollywood Sentinel attended the Day by Day show. In Style Fashion Week L.A. is now deemed the Official LA Fashion Week by the City of Los Angeles. Fashionistas, celebrities, VIPs and media from the United States and around the world cover the event. In Style Fashion Week's previous fashion events have featured designers and brands including; Nieman Marcus, Chanel, Badgley Mischka, Vivienne Westwood, Cavalli, Oscar de La Renta, Betsy Johnson, and many more. Booths outside of the show include retailers, artists, designers, and accessory labels. I was impressed with the work and sales ability of one artist here named Sham Ibrahim, who kindly gave me a print of his Whitney Houston art work. Sham works in the style of Warhol, creating pop art created solely by computer.

Day by Day

The fashion show itself was expertly done, with a great line called "Day by Day" by a designer label called "Live And Learn." (Although I could not find any web information for the label). I enjoyed sitting right across from many celebrities including the pretty Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and the stunningly beautiful Allesandra Ambrosio, who I had just nominated in the last issue of The Hollywood Sentinel as one of the worlds Top 10 Hottest Models of our time. I was also seated right next to two girls who reminded me of the cute Liv and Mim from Nervo, named Natalie and Britt, who are both very kind, talented designers running a web based fashion label called Homme Girl.

The models were all great, with great looks and good walks. A cute Asian boy of around 7 years of age also walked with the girls, at which the crowd went wild applauding for. One of the models, who had the best walk of any of the girls, was evidently friends with Kylie and Kendall, and playfully gave the girls the bird. The “drama” ended up on E! after one of their guests allegedly tried pulling the model off stage, supposedly not knowing she was joking around.

The children's and women's line shown here of Day be Day included tennis shoes, sweatpants, boy shorts, sports bras, and hoodies. Models wore the hoodies partly unzipped, with nothing underneath, which was a unique, sexy look. With well over 70 pieces, the line is big, and after seeing it for a length of time, one can really appreciate the unique artistry in the clothes, with different layers and multiple tone colors on pants, as well as positive labels of "Love" and sunshine symbols on the jackets. A very nice collection here to be seen and had. (For more info: www.StyleFashionWeek.com)

Thanks again to all that helped make the above events happen. In this issue we bring you Madame Argillet's first hand account of growing up with surrealist master Salvador Dali, tributes to Paramount legend A.C. Lyles and vocal coach to the stars Gloria Bennett, more Salvador Dali, an exclusive interview with musical pioneers Christian Death, and much, much more. Let us know of any comments or questions in the box here below, and we hope you enjoy the new issue!

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