pixJohn Lennon once stated that The Beatles were bigger than Jesus Christ. Over 30 years later, John Lennon and The Beatles are still dead, yet Christian churches around the world are still in business and packing them in. Jesus seems to have won against Lennon’s ‘imagine there’s no heaven, and no religion too’ chant. While Lennon was a great artist, with noble causes, his fame, even in his delusions of grandeur, could not surpass the man who boldly claimed to be the son of God – Jesus Christ.

Think of the most famous celebrities of the past 50 or even 100 years, Einstein, Beethoven, Mozart, Amadeus, Shakespeare, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Picasso, Michael Jackson, Madonna, or Hannah Montana, and none of them, not one, has more ‘star power’ than those who have claimed themselves the saviors of the world. From The Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, and the Devil himself, when it comes to super star fame, those with the claim of eternal power over life or death win. After all, who can beat the fame of a man who claims he was famous forever and ever? And who always will be famous? Eternity rocks, at least, if for nothing else, some jamming P.R.

Public relations is a lot of hype, but in order for the hype to last and last, the best publicists know, there has to be something real behind it. Many of these so called immortals were real people. So what was their talent? Influencing the minds of people around the world. For there is no greater talent or fame than the talent to win a person’s soul, or at least to be the cause of how they think and act.

Now, after you read this full issue, which you will love, I dare you to close your eyes for a while and imagine eternity. Does it exist? Who is your biggest superstar? Who is the ruler of your world? What ideology constructs your thoughts and the way you live your life? Because the most important thing you can do in your life is to find out the right answer to that, and to act and live on it. Find your superstar, and get the power to live the life you were born to. Do it now.

- Bruce Edwin

We return here with this issue with part two of our exclusive interview with the most well connected producer in the world, Paramount’s A.C. Lyles, revealing his secrets of becoming a star, straight from the lot of Paramount Pictures. We also bring you our exclusive interview with Hollywood’s most influential designer, Maggie Barry. And, we bring you never before told facts on How to Succeed in Hollywood, for models, actors, and musicians, all here inside, and all free. And don’t miss our next great issue back here in two weeks! If you care to contact us, you can do so at 310-226-7176. Namaste’!

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