We Are Here, PYO Gallery


Eight Artists Explore The Unseen

Until June 3rd, there's still time to catch "We Are Here," a group exhibition at PYO Gallery curated by Heidi Chang and Meghan Crowley. Eight artists from China, Korea, and the United States explore themes of contemporary identity and alienation in this rich, multi-media exhibition, which includes painting, drawing, and installation.

The Gallery is a short walk from the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, away from the rest of Gallery Row, and that's a good thing. The space is clean and open, the staff is friendly and knowledgable, and their artists display work that is solid and thoughtful, as well as provocative, without trying too hard.

David Choe, a Korean-American artist whose graphic renditions of the human vice have been collected across the globe, symbolizes our unseen hopes and dreams with limited edition watercolors depicting a small town girl who yearns for life in the big city. Choe was one of the youngest artists to exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art LA.

Chinese painter Nan Chao employs all the essential elements to epitomize the figurative entity. He fossilizes his subjects; three dimensional Greek inspired sculptures seem to protrude from the canvas, exploiting their fragility and vulnerability.

American artist James Gilbert exposes the concept of how privacy is no longer existent in this digital age. "In a media saturated world one can learn everything they want to know about a person they have never met but is it possible to maintain anonymity?" James writes, "The people I depict share a sense of privacy. They are represented relative to their lifestyles - having history and biology but no easy form. Most often they are alone to their own philosophy, psychology, sense of humor and idiosyncrasies. Some want anonymity although some do not."

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