Boston Boy Twins Scott & Jason

Face Double Trouble with One Out of the Closet as Gay and the Other Straight

Movie stars Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway released their comedy BRIDE WARS to critical success, with hot male identical twins Scott and Jason Gianatasio playing male dancers in the films racy club scene. Daughter of Hollywood legend Goldie Hawn, and raised by her and Goldie's boyfriend Kurt Russell, Kate Hudson was recently voted by 'People Magazine' as one of Hollywood's most beautiful stars, due to her natural beauty that is now in vogue. She came to fame in the film 'Almost Famous' by Cameron Crowe. Similarly voted as one of Hollywood's 50 most beautiful stars, Anne Hathaway came to fame in the children's movie 'The Princess Diaries.' Likewise chosen for their handsome twin sex appeal, rising stars Scott and Jason Gianatasio seemed to have the straight and narrow life to the top as models and actors. Stars including Bruce Willis would greet them on sets, 'You guys are the Boston Boy twins, right?' And complications seemed few - until now.

One of the twins, Jason, has come out of the closet, loud and proud as being gay, which is a problem for the other twin Scott, who is straight. When Scott goes to work out (they both share the same gym), guys later get mad at Jason when Scott doesn't smile back at them thinking it is him. And Scott feels painfully awkward. But when Scott's girlfriend saw Scott, who was actually Jason, holding hands with a guy, all hell really broke lose. 'She wanted to kill me,' he confessed.

When their management signed Boston Boy Twins Scott and Jason, they soon discovered they were regularly getting mistaken for Rob Lowe. They soon later got cast in 'Bride Wars.' And now, the twins are examining offers for their own new reality show.

But as for their personal lives, the confusion is only getting worse. Scott states that he feels 'trapped in the body of a gay man, that's not even his own.' Jason, bored of what he calls the straight world's uptight conformity, has a solution. 'I'm writing a song for him to sing,' he states, 'It's called 'I kissed a boy!'

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