Fame is a Four Letter Word

'Look into my eyes, don't you trust me / you're so good you could go far / I'll put you in a movie, don't you want to / you could be a star / you could go far / you've got twistability / you fly hard, don't you wanna / you've got kissability / you could be a star, it ain't hard...'
Abridged words from the song 'Kissability' by Sonic Youth, Lyrics © Kim Gordon, 2009, Sonic Youth.

Bruce Edwin, editor of www.TheHollywood Sentinel.com, the C.E.O. of Starpower Management LLC, a highly sought after model and talent management firm based in Santa Monica, California, and a renown writer / feature film producer, attached to numerous motion pictures with A list stars attached, here gives back big to hundreds of thousands of aspiring models and actors around the world with his free bi-weekly article in The Hollywood Sentinel®, with excerpts from his upcoming new book, How to Succeed in Hollywood © (working title).

Mr. Edwin, known for creating the highest standards for new models and talent, was also known as one of the most difficult for amateurs to get in the door with. ‘I was tough.’ Edwin admits. ‘I would ask any potential model or actor I would sign if they realize that we are doing them a favor by signing them. Because in fact, in the entertainment business, if one is not a celebrity, agents and managers really are doing talent a favor. There is no shortage of talent or a pretty face in this town. What there is a shortage on, are those with the right attitude and the right values. So when a pretty model would tell me, no, I don’t see that, I think I’m doing you a favor instead, and no one had even heard of them, I would reject them. Having to do that to hundreds upon hundreds, as you can imagine, creates quite a fan club. Despite that, I care for them all, and want to still help them.’

Mr. Edwin continues, ‘It’s sad though. I was in this book store, and this young man walks up and shyly asked the clerks, all busy talking to each other, if they carry a certain newspaper for aspiring actors. They looked at him like he was a low life, told him no, and then laughed behind his back! Now, why a national book chain in Los Angeles does not carry a newspaper for actors is the first problem. Secondly, this poor guy was put down for wanting to learn about the business he dreams of being in. The search for knowledge shouldn’t be so difficult to find and be put down. The truth should be free. And in our business, above most any other, there are way too many confusions. I intend to clear some of that up on this site.’

And so Bruce Edwin, this week launches HOW TO SUCCEED IN HOLLYWOOD© on THE HOLLYWOOD SENTINEL ©®, in order to give back to models, actors, and performers, with his free ongoing bi weekly article, to help those aspiring to celebrity-dom with the powerful knowledge of how they can begin doing the right things, the right way, to become a true success in Hollywood.

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