A.C. Lyles – Interview with Paramount’s Winning Side


A.C. LYLES: Yes, there are a billion simple words, but there is a short word, and that’s called TALENT.


A.C. LYLES: And if you turn talent backwards, it says star. And if you turn star backwards, it says talent. You know, the camera falls in love with people. And if the camera falls in love with people in Walla Walla, Washington, and Tallahassee, Florida, and Yonkers, New York, chances are that ‘the people’ will fall in love with what ‘the camera’ fell in love with.

BRUCE EDWIN:That’s great. Did the whole aspect of stardom always excite you, and are you still excited about it?

A.C. LYLES: I have always been, ever since I saw (the film) ‘Wings,’ in love with Hollywood, but particularly Paramount. I’m doing what I love, and love what I do, so I feel blessed. I have always had a very, very positive attitude. Like I said before, never say ‘if’ it happens, or ‘if’ I do it. Say WHEN it happens. Say WHEN I do it. I think you have to be very positive in this business.


A.C. LYLES: He and a Ronald Reagan had a lot in common. They were both proud to be Americans. When you saw Duke on the screen, you wanted to be on his side, because you wanted to be on ‘the winning side.’ He was incredible. He had a lot of strength and honor. He could do so much, with so few words. He had great power. He was just a lovely, wonderful, wonderful man, and was one my three best friends.


A.C. LYLES: My three best friends have been Ronald Reagan, James Cagney-Jim and I had offices together, he was in my first picture I ever produced-and Duke. And a lot of other people have been very kind. Bob Hope was very kind to me, and Bing Crosby was very kind to me. A lot of people have been very good to me.


A.C. LYLES: I think of the people that came through the gates, with big hopes, big dreams, big ambitions, and it just didn’t happen for one reason or another, and that’s the sad part. In this business, there are people that try hard, and not just hundreds, but thousands of people here in Hollywood that try to get in the business, doing any thing and everything they can do to survive to get here. And it's not only here, but it's people all over the world; Japan, Hawaii, South America, England, France, they want to be here in Hollywood, and achieve their dreams, and I have great admiration for those with their dreams, and I have wonderful hopes for them that it will happen.

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