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By Bruce Edwin

Subnormal Magazine was a hard copy magazine created in the 90’s designed to get kids who don’t read poetry to read it by mixing poetry with no holds barred interviews with rock bands. The zine later evolved to work with every major record label in existence, as well as most indies, as well as featuring film, and became a brave and defiant voice for human rights. It was distributed in fifteen countries including China and Iran, as well as every major city in the United States. It was banned in most prisons due to claims that it would “start a riot.” Here now, is the second incarnation of the new existence of subnormal within the pages of The Hollywood Sentinel. The magazine will be returning online with its own site later this year.

Monsanto and The Only Reason You Need to Know Why You Should Eat GMO Foods

GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods are being produced in laboratories by some of the very same chemical companies that mass produced Agent Orange. As contractors for the United States Government, Monsanto was reportedly the largest and most deadly producer of Agent Orange. Their chemical potency was reportedly one thousand (1,000) times greater in deadliness as compared to the other chemical companies producing Agent Orange during the Vietnam War era.

Today, half of Agent Orange’s chemical compound, 2, 4,-D, and other pesticides like roundup, are the chemicals being sprayed on GMO (genetically modified organism) crops, resulting in triple the danger of food that is not organic. Imagine what happens to a body already exposed to Agent Orange, like the countless Vietnam Veterans and their children, when consuming these GMO pesticides and foods. Monsanto's Agent Orange caused terrible and painful death, disease, and birth defects among more. This fact is but just one major reason about why you should eat GMO's. Why should you eat GMO foods? Namely, if you want to kill yourself, then it is the perfect choice.

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Ask most any woman or even young girl out there, and chances are, she has heard of botox. Botox has and is continually being pushed as a safe, easy alternative to plastic surgery for women to tighten skin, lose wrinkles, and look younger and prettier. The lie about botox is that it is actually dangerous, and can ruin lives. Witness: Side affects of Botox, which is pushed heavily in the fashion and movie business include dry mouth, tiredness, headache, neck pain, double vision, blurry vision, droopy eyelids, swelling of eyelids, dry eyes, soreness and pain at point of injection, itching, rashes, wheezing, red itchy welts, dizziness, faintness, asthma like symptoms such as trouble breathing, problem swallowing, botulism, loss of strength, muscle weakness, hoarseness or change of voice, trouble saying words clearly, loss of bladder control, trouble swallowing, food going into other organs, spasms, and more but this list is way too long to type. If botox sounds like a dangerous prescription drug that is shot into your body, that is because it is. Contrary to the false campaign by the pharmaceutical industry to try and sound as if botox is safe and normal and that everyone does it in the entertainment industry, it is not normal, it is not safe, and it is not OK. Botox is poison. Stay away from it.


Latisse is a prescription drug being pushed on women and young girls to allegedly grow more or longer eyelashes. Side affects of this drug include skin darkening, permanent iris darkening, eyes dried out, redness of eyelids, infection, impaired vision, hair growth any where else it may accidentally touch, and more they don't warn you about. Avoid it.


Juvederm, by the same pharmaceutical company called allergan of which they report on few side effects of, namely because as they indicate, they have not been studied. A few they do tell you about include bruising, bleeding, skin infections, and changes in skin color among more. Avoid.

One fashion magazine has been hailing yet another new drug that allegedly makes fat tissue disappear. It can also make part of your kidney disappear, but doctors are they claim, working on that. They are also hailing a new anti-depressant which they tout, but do not list the side effects of, in addition to drugs for anxiety and sleeping, including indicating it is OK to take drugs for allergies and pain to sleep when one does not even have pain or allergies. Shame on this magazine and other fashion rags that push poisons on young women in their effort to look young, thin, and beautiful, they are slowly killing women.

Subnormal Magazine: Music Reviews

Rating System Used:
1 star: Pass, major problems
2 stars: Not that good, could be a lot better but may have potential
3 stars: Decent, but certainly not the best
4 stars: Real good, well worth hearing
5 stars: Great, legendary, a perfect song, must hear

Music in subnormal magazine is rated based on a myriad of factors, including tone, quality, and pitch of voice and instrumentation, mixing and production qualities, songwriting skill, bridges, emotional power, originality, and memorability among more.

Scarlett Rabe: "Battle Cry" So, this cute young busty brunette chick was "overwhelmingly selected by fans as their favorite video during last week’s round of mtvU’s The Freshmen." Number one, MTV 'used' to be cool, when it actually played music 24 hours and it used to be associated with music and rebellion. Now, MTV; which was too stupid to re-invent itself and helped destroy the music industry (which is now re-bounding without it) is associated with stupid reality shows where they try to trick girls into getting drunk and having sex with dumb jocks. Like Jello Biafra has always said, MTV sucks, and we here at subnormal could really care less about The Freshman or their ratings. As for this singer, which fashion rag Marie Claire is allegedly drooling over, the truth is, she is young, pretty, and has a good voice, which are all perfect ingredients for being a pop star playing pop music which is usually soulless garbage. Gag.

As for Scarlett Rabe's music however, well, she is actually really quite good. Really good in fact. At first listen, I was about to dismiss 'Battle Cry,' (4 stars) hyped by retailer Macy's. However, upon second listen, and then hearing some of her other tracks, I am growing more and more impressed. Scarlett's voice is uniquely pretty, rich, and has some beautiful edges that sear the heart, such as on her cut 'Free Fall,' (4 stars) backed up by gorgeous piano work which she also masters. So forget all the hype about Scarlett, she is far better than all that. 'Live Before I Die' here (4 stars) is compelling, 'Free Fall,' as mentioned, is stunning, in which she beautifully sings 'love is always worth the risk.' For sure. 'Hitchhiker Heart' (4 stars) is brilliant and powerful, and solidifies Scarlett Rabe as a bona-fide star, which the powers that be are wisely already cementing. 'Top Down Baby' (5 stars) continues the expert production here, and delivers a to die for Lana Del Rey-ish freestyle rap that blends into some funky and genius bass bumpin dance grooves. It's freakin' perfection that just transported me into another universe. 'Unconditional' continues to deliver Scarlett's big voice and sound, made for massive audiences, another perfect pop song here in the spirit of great epic, 70's and 80's rock. 'Fight for This' closes this EP here; an intoxicating, lush, breathy and sad love song. Fans of Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Fionna Apple, Kate Bush, and Lana Del Rey will appreciate Scarlett Rabe. Give her a chance, and you will realize like we did, this young beautiful woman is far more than a cute look or one trendy song backed by a retailer. She is a massive, unique talent that I predict will be a huge star. Mark my word. - subnormal magazine

Oasis: When the publicist for this band called Oasis e-mailed us, we immediately replied requesting this 3 album (CD) collection. If you are not familiar with Oasis, you need to majorly increase your rock knowledge, and turn yourself on to a band who has created some of the best pop songs of all time. Oasis burst onto the world music scene in the 1990's, amidst a flurry of countless new bands, and stood above most all, with a new sound, expert musicianship, and brilliant songwriting, creating a band who was often; with 'some' of their songs, what I and many others simply called; perfect.

Creating a firestorm of controversy with his remark at the time that "The Oasis are better than the Beatles," Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher irritated many Beatles fans and critics alike. Sure it was a ridiculous statement, but the truth was, they were brilliant at many times. Back on the scene again, Noel created some great work under the name "High Flying Birds," with some of those tracks on You Tube getting over 4 million views, despite the minimal promotion. Still an arrogant bastard, Noel Gallagher recently did an interview in which he dissed everyone from Arcade Fire and Miley Cyrus, to Lady Ga Ga and beyond. (Not that we're arguing his case any). With that said, the band has decided to try cash in on some of their old material by re-mastering and re-releasing some of their old tracks, b- sides, live tracks, and more, and the result is this here 3 CD collection. Why on Earth these blokes think they are that important that anyone would want to take the time to listen to 3 albums of the same band is beyond me, but oh well. (That last line is partly a joke, as singer Liam said a similar thing in a Rolling Stone interview he did about artists who create double CD's, then he puts out a 3 album one- wow). We won't digress into the Oasis brother rivalry, inter-family lawsuits, or baby mommas. The band is reportedly now broken up. Hopefully that will soon change. Now, on to the music...

Oasis: Definitely Maybe (remastered 3 album collection with rare B sides and extra tracks)
Disc 1- Remastered Album

1, Rock 'n' Roll Star...4 stars, A solid cut, the ending of this song is phenomenally powerfully and transforms the listener into a dimension of pure intensity. Masterful mixing
2, Shakermaker......3 stars, not our favorite
3, Live Forever.......5 stars. A brilliant, perfect song, one of the best pop songs ever made
4, Up In The Sky....4 stars, A decent cut with a good groove
5, Columbia............4 stars, A powerful song here with strong sonic walls of guitar, backing vocals, and complex layers of composition great riffs and a good melody
6, Supersonic.......5, Yet another perfect song here, one of the best songs of all time. How great can a band be? This great.
7, Bring It On Down...4 stars, a strong, rocking cut
8, Cigarettes & Alcohol...3 stars, Heavy T. Rex (Bang A Gong) style bass melodies start this intro
9, Digsy's Dinner.......3 stars, Good melody, but man what is up with that work on the keys?
10, Slide Away...4 stars, A strong song, gets better at the end with a very powerful mix out
11, Married With Children...2 stars, this acoustic track here is crappy and depressing sounding

Disc 2- B sides and extra tracks

1, Columbia (White Label Demo)...5 stars. The band did some massively great, different production on this already great song, and made it even better.
2, Cigarettes & Alcohol (Demo) ..3 stars. Back with the bang a gong beat, and some depressive lyrics saying the equivalent of "Why get a job when you know you will just hate it?" Uh yeah dude then who will buy your booze and cancer sticks?
3, Sad Song, 4 stars. Like the title states, this is a sad one, but a very good song. Some strong Beatles guitar influence in this one.
4, I Will Believe (Live)..3 stars. Even Oasis' worst songs are better than most music out there. But this 'is' an Oasis record, they can do better, so this is a 3.
5, Take Me Away, 1 star. Depressing, whiny, off key kak, this is not the regular vocalist on this track.
6, Alive (Demo), 4 stars. An excellent song here about determination to succeed, with great guitar work.
7, D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?..4 stars. An upbeat slower pop song about keeping ones dreams and leaving a town to carry on
8, Supersonic (Live)...5 stars. An absolutely perfect, brilliant song. This is what this band is capable of, and why they are one of the greats.
9, Up In The Sky (Acoustic)...4 stars. Opening guitar work here reminds of Queen's 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love', and then turns into a very unique, good song with complex vocal work, and brilliant, complex string arrangements.
10, Cloudburst..4 stars. Another strong, unique song with a good groove.
11, Fade Away, 4 1/2 stars. A powerful song here with heavy guitar and a strong backbeat.
12, Listen Up, 4 1/2 stars. A great song here that brings in much of the songwriting brilliance and power this band is capable of.
13, I am the Walrus (Live Glasgow Cathouse June '94),...5 stars. A brilliant cover of this Beatles classic here, and it is really great to see Oasis' interpretation of the song. Liam does great on vocals here, really showing his range, and the heavy, distorted guitar works greatly, as the original Beatles song itself did, with Oasis bringing some great moderns elements and powerful originality to it here. Great guitar, psychedelic power, expert production- wow, this song gets better and better at the end, amazing! One of the best cover songs here ever made.
15 (It's Good) To Be Free, 4 stars, A unique, strong song, with a nice backing violin arrangement. Just too bad they didn't cut off the idiots yelling in the crowd at the end.
16, Half The World Away, 1 star, different vocalist other than Liam here again, whiny, off key, depressive kak. A crappy way to end this CD.

Disc 3- Unreleased demos, out-takes & live recordings

1, Supersonic (Live at Glasgow Tramshed) 3 stars, A great song here, with a bad version of it terribly muddled with bad production, buried vocals, and poorly miked, with some female DJ chick making some pointless remarks at the end.
2, Rock n' Roll Star (Demo) 3 stars, another great song, but not the best production or audio quality.
3, Shakermaker (Live Paris In-store) 3 stars. A decent but kind of boring version of this song. In store appearances are usually lame, so this is above average for that. At the end he says merci, which could mean that he is trying to let the Paris crowd think he cares about their language and culture, or maybe he is asking for mercy because the song is so slow.
4, Columbia (Eden Studios Mix) 4 stars, Now this is more like it. Heavy guitar, great instrumentation, a heavy rocking vibe, a great song.
5, Cloudburst (Demo) 3 stars, This reminds me of the Partridge Family with a little more distortion.
6, Strange Thing (Demo) 3 stars, one line here goes "Mick says he can't get no satisfaction, now I think I know what he means..." that about sums up how I feel about song- unsatisfied.
7, Live Forever (Live Paris In-store) 5 stars, A brilliant, perfect song, done acoustically here, rendering it even more sad than it usually is, but working very well.
8, Cigarettes & Alcohol (Life At Manchester Academy) 4 stars. Bang a gong riff is back, for some Euro rockabilly fun.
9, D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman? (Live At Manchester Academy) 4 stars. Robyn Hitchcock style acoustic ditty.
10, Fade Away (Demo) 4 stars. Good but repetitive and pessimistic..."While we're living, the dreams we have as children fade away," uh, no, speak for yourself dude.
11, Take Me Away (Live At Manchester Academy) 1 star. Painful. Different singer on here. This guy sounds like he is in major pain. He needs voice lessons. Slow, acoustic, depressing off key stuff here.
12, Sad Song (Live At Manchaster Academy) 1 star. Oh no, the same singer again, please get some voice lessons, you are very off key and this is not punk rock where you can get away with that. More slow, acoustic, depressing off key material here.
13, Half The World Away (Live, Tokyo Hotel Room) 1 star, same off key vocalist again, and another slow, depressing acoustic song. Try some Johnny Cash instead.
14, Digsy's Dinner (Live Paris In-store) 2 stars, At last the off key singer is gone on this one, but the song itself sounds a bit like a commercial for a traveling carnival.
15, Married With Children (Demo) 3 stars, Great production and miking here, but man is this song painful to listen with its slow painful, hateful, depressing crap, and makes me want ot put on some Slayer or Nirvana instead.
16, Up in the Sky (Live Paris In-store) 3 stars, a very smarmy, sad song.
17, Whatever (Strings) 4 stars. Speaking of The Beatles, this CD closes out with 'Whatever' here, which is a brilliant, acoustic instrumental track on violin doing a great rendition of The Beatles All you need is love on strings, which works very well.

In conclusion, major Oasis and Brit pop fans will love this. Those that are not huge fans of the band or this genre should hold off and simply buy downloads of the top rated songs here, particularly 'Live Forever,' and 'Supersonic.' These two, along with two others not found in this collection titled 'Whats the Story (Morning Glory)' and 'Wonderall' are four of the best pop / rock songs ever written and composed, with guitar tuning and arrangements, (along with the great British vocals of Liam) that have never been done before and are truly phenomenal, and are enough to easily make this one of the best bands of all time.

(D) All songs written by Noel Gallagher, Dead Leg Music / Sony / ATV Music Publishing Ltd. Produced by Oasis and Mark Coyle.

Hollywood Hot Spot: 2014


13, Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, Whisky a Go Go
Deap Vally, Amoeba

17, Skid Row, Whisky a Go Go
21, OTEP, Whisky a Go GO
22, Moby, Phantogram, Little Dragon, and much more...Lightning In A Bottle Festival
24, Suzanne Vega, El Rey
30, Luscious Jackson, El Rey


7, Nashville Pussy, Whisky a Go Go
21, The Go Go's, Hollywood Bowl


4, FEAR, Whisky a Go Go
11, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with Warpaint, The shrine
12, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, with Warpaint, The Theatre at Ace Hotel


1, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Orpheum
13. ZZ Top, Jeff Beck, Greek Theatre
28, Mission of Burma, Roxy


3, Crosby Stills and Nash, Greek Theatre

This page is anti-copyright, subnormal magazine. This page only may be reproduced if done in full, with a link provided back to this website. 'Live Forever' music video by Oasis is copyright, 2014 Oasis, all rights reserved, Scarlett Rabe music video 'Battle Cry' is copyright, 2014, Scarlett Rabe, all rights reserved.