Top 10 Best Directors of Our Time: Agnes Varda

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By Bruce Edwin

Once called the “grandmother of the French New Wave,” Agnès Varda has been making narrative and documentary films for six decades. Agnès Varda in Californialand is the first U.S. museum presentation of her artwork. The exhibition features a new major sculptural installation inspired by her time in Los Angeles in the late 1960s, as well as a selection of her photographs. This exhibition coincides with LACMA’s efforts, with the support of the Annenberg Foundation and The Film Foundation, to restore four films made by Varda in California: Uncle Yanco (1967), Black Panthers (1968), Lions Love (..And Lies) (1969), and Mur Murs (1981). Agnès Varda in Californialand is accompanied by an extensive film series organized by LACMA. The exhibition is part of LACMA’s Art+Film initiative, a large-scale effort to consider the place of film within a museum context. The Agnes Varda show continues at LACMA in Los Angeles until June 22, 2014.

An outstanding filmmaker who has influenced generations of filmmakers for decades, Agnes Varda has a great love for cinema, and Los Angeles where she spent many years working. A prolific French filmmaker, her body of work includes many dozens of great works, including the lauded 'Les Creatures,' 'Le Petit Amour,' and 'Cleo From 5 to 7' among many more. A true auteur who has helped shape the face of world cinema, Agnes Varda is indeed one of the greatest directors of our time.

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