This has been an exciting time already this year for America. First, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association awards smaller, artistic films with the Golden Globes as the world watches, and now, eight years of the Bush era is over as a new leader, Barack Obama is sworn in, merely one day after the commemoration of the world's greatest civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr.

The Hollywood Sentinel celebrates this excitement with this issue. We are here to lift up the spirit and entertain, not report tragedy, failure, and death. There are enough publications and websites out there too intent on racing to print the latest murder, most recent bombing, or how the economy is falling apart. We are here instead to celebrate life and living, and know that what we focus our attention on, is what we get back in this world.

So let us dwell not on the small percent of evils of the world, but rather, on the many triumphs and things of goodness. For every horrible thing you may read about in the daily news, there may be a hundred good things that are not reported on. We extend that philosophy to Hollywood itself, celebrating the artistic achievements and aesthetic beauty of the people in this town, rather than jumping on some bandwagon to try and gossip about them and tear them down.

It is with this love and passion for Hollywood, and life itself, that we bring you The Hollywood Sentinel. Life is for the living, and for love. Let us make the most of this thing called life while we are here, and reach for the stars. May this be a year of peace and prosperity for you all. I truly hope you enjoy this issue.

Bruce Edwin
Editor, The Hollywood Sentinel ®