Hollywood's Golden Globes heavily awarded indie's this week, and the Hollywood Sentinel ® has the VIP coverage, with DANNY BOYLE's SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE getting best picture, and the art house style REVOLUTIONARY ROAD and THE READER earning best supporting actress and best actress for KATE WINSLET. A surprised MICKY ROURKE walked away with best actor for THE WRESTLER, and the rocking BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN got best song for same pic, happily beating out multi-talented CLINT EASTWOOD, who not only acts, writes, produces, and composes, but also paints.

Horror fans know that Danny Boyle is the man behind one of the most terrifying horror films of all time, 28 DAYS LATER, about real life zombies after a chemical spill. Where's TOXIC AVENGER when you need him to clean a mess up? Boyle of course made bigger cult indie waves before 28 Days, with the rave-induced TRAINSPOTTING, whose techno-fueled soundtrack pumped acid house beats on dance-floors around the globe. This drugged-out film proved being a junkie is so passé. Boyle went lighter with SUNSHINE, and off to India for SLUMDOG.

Boyle says that he used several SI2K cameras to shoot SLUMDOG, which he says, is like the quality of the Red Cam, but smaller. Though he says, they needed a gyro for stabilization, and that they had no cooling system, so he used three, and when one camera would heat up, he'd switch to another, which was the size of a hand. His unit in India was generally, he stated, at around 5 or 6 people. My, how things have changed for filmmaking!

TINA FEY's talent got just nods with her win for 30 ROCK, and TOM CRUISE had the final parting words, "GOODNIGHT EVERY BODY!" after Mickey Rourke said his final thank-you's, to his dogs.

Be sure to check out our pics on the red carpet, and in the press room of the Golden Globes ®, courtesy of our friends and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

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Bruce Edwin
Editor, The Hollywood Sentinel ®