Striking a pose.

A genuine global superstar, packing stadiums worldwide with her astonishing stage spectacles, Madonna, a multi-Grammy winner, has made music history with international sales of over 200 million albums. Her enormous influence in every country on Earth has spanned 33 number one dance hits, five chart topping albums, 46 Top 40 singles, and 20 MTV Video Music Awards, with some of the most legendary and captivating music videos of all time.

A cultural innovator of astonishing diversity and enduring appeal, Madonna has defined our era with her sound, style and vision that has inspired countless artists and fans around the globe. In the process, she has pioneered a new model of creative empowerment, overseeing a multi-faceted career that encompasses virtually every aspect of contemporary culture.

While her superstar peers around the time of her rise to the top in the 80's have went on to try to do comebacks, Madonna never had a comeback- because she never went away. She has consistently increased or remained one of the most influential, powerful, daring, and talented artists of all time. With her latest, Hard Candy, Madonna reminds the world why millions never get tired of seeing or hearing her, she is the epitome of superstar, and she deserves it.

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