The second season of DEXTER was heralded by a premiere that marked the first time that a SHOWTIME season premiere scored more than one million viewers, and a finale that averaged 1.4 million viewers, the largest ever for an original for SHOWTIME.

Fans are now excitedly revisiting one of television's most critically acclaimed series after its sophomore season, when DEXTER: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON arrived last quarter, as a four disc DVD from Showtime, CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment.

Anchored by an intelligent, quirky and eerily subversive performance by Emmy® and Golden Globe® nominee Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, DEXTER tells the story of a man who leads a thrilling and horrific double life as both an incredibly likable forensics expert for the Miami Police Department and an emotionless vigilante serial killer living by his own strict moral code - he only kills murderers who can't otherwise be brought to justice.

DEXTER is based on the compelling novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter and features a stellar ensemble cast that includes Jennifer Carpenter ("The Exorcism of Emily Rose"), Julie Benz ("Angel"), Erik King ("Ice Princess"), Lauren Vélez ("Numb3rs") and David Zayas ("Law & Order").

Packaged on four DVDs featuring all 12 episodes, fans can access a Michael C. Hall Podcast, an interview with Michael C. Hall, and can stream the first two Episodes of THE TUDORS SEASON 2 and the first two Season One episodes of the Golden Globe nominated Showtime series CALIFORNICATION starring Golden Globe winner David Duchovny. In addition, the DVD also features the first two episodes of the Peabody Award-winning Showtime drama BROTHERHOOD SEASON 2.

DEXTER: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON is available for the suggested retail price of $42.99 US and $45.99 CAN. Runtime: 10 Hrs, 36 Min. U.S. Rating: Not Rated (Gory Scenes / Brutal Violence)

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