What is the purpose of your life? Is it to make lots of money and have lots of things? To make movies? To make music or art? To be a star? To work for others and care for your family? To be a good husband or wife, or father or mother? To worship God? To get even with all who did you wrong? To forgive every one and be the kindest person you can be? Or is it to learn what lies on the other side? To know life after death?

One lesson I have learned over and over lately, is that life is quick and fleeting, and we should not take it or our loved ones for granted. We all will one day die. What do you believe happens when you are gone? This is one of the most significant questions one can ponder, and then, to discern what you should do about that belief in relation to how you live your life now.

One could say that each action from one life is so insignificant, in relation to the scheme of the world, that this website for example, or one creative work of a film, or one piece of art, or one concert or event, means nothing in relation to the vastness of the world and the universe. So why bother? But as a whole, if most people on this planet had that belief, then perhaps nothing would be achieved, and our reality around us would in fact be very empty, would be very dull.

The work of the artist, and every action for that matter, combines to a mass accumulation of events that create what we perceive to be reality. Your actions create a small or large piece of someone else’s perceptions, and therefore their reality. And every action therefore, by this definition, is sacred to the experiential existence of all.

If life has meaning, then reality, which is action- has meaning, and therefore, each moment we act, whether it be on screen, T.V., or the stage of this world we were planted upon, each very action we take, is relevant. It has been said that to move forward, one must take action, even if one may be wrong. And then keep taking action. Stagnation is death. To live and to live fully is to act and keep taking action, towards a bigger and bigger vision of what we aim to become and achieve.

Find your reason to be alive, what gives you passion and purpose, what you hope to be remembered for, what mark you want to leave in the world, and achieve it. Never let any thing or any one stand in your way of following your bliss. For without living a passionate life of vision and artistry, life is merely a fog, ready to be swept away in the shadows of those with a greater life force. Bring the light of your destiny in to your path, and let your purpose shine. For this is the world, and your are in it now. Don’t wait another day. Enjoy the issue.

With Liberty, Bruce Edwin
Editor, The Hollywood Sentinel ©

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