Penelope Cruz – Spain’s Enchanting Goddess


There are but a small handful of actors out there, who consistently choose great scripts and films to work in, where every one of their films look compelling, and where you have no doubt that any film starring them will be nothing less than good, if not great. Penelope Cruz, one of the most artistic, daring, and gifted actresses of our time is one such talent. Upon winning The Academy Award® for best Performance by an actress in a supporting role in the film ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona,’ directed by Woody Alan, she spoke with the press backstage after the Oscar’s® for a fascinating interview. This is Part 2 of our feature on this brilliant actress.

Q. Hi Penélope. Congratulations. I just want to ask you, can you translate a little bit of what you said on stage earlier?

PENELOPE CRUZ: What I said in Spanish?

Q. Yes, In Spanish.

PENELOPE CRUZ: I said that I want to dedicate it to all the actors of my country and that I want to dedicate it to all the people that are now watching there at home and that our feeling that this also belongs to them, I want to dedicate it to them.

Q. Before you came today did you speak to Woody Allen to get some advice or guidance?

PENELOPE CRUZ: Today? No. But I'm going to go call Woody right now. He sent me flowers last week when I went to BAFTA, and we've been speaking sometimes during the week. But I call Woody sometimes to just say hello and I adore him. I think he's so funny and charming and so peculiar and unique. And of course, today I have to talk to Woody to thank him.

Q. You have two wonderful performances this year, this one and also Consuela in ELEGY. What does that say to you? Is that just luck or are there just better roles for women now coming along?

PENELOPE CRUZ: Those roles are very well written, and I'm very happy to have those two in the same year. I'm grateful to those directors for giving me that material, the women that I have not played before and women that could not be farther from my own personality. And, yes, I'm very grateful to them and luck I'm sure is always part of everything. But you need more than that. In this case I'm talking about their faith and their trust in me…

Q. Great. Thank you very much and congratulations.


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