Lisa Williams – Life Among the Dead


Part 2 of our Exclusive Interview

Born in England, famed medium, crystal and reiki healer, and clairvoyant to the stars, Lisa Williams was discovered by entertainment business Mogul, Merv Griffin, who was blown away by her real ability to communicate with those who have passed on. Merv Griffin, who joked when he was alive that he would still produce Lisa’s show even after he passed on, raved about her abilities on screen. He is since no longer with us, and Lisa Williams feels his presence still around her.

Due to the success of her previous hit show, ‘Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead,’ Lisa Williams returned to Lifetime in the Fall of 2008 with yet another talk show, Voices from the Other Side,’ that utilized her incredible abilities. In addition, Lisa has also appeared before millions of television viewers on The Today Show, Oprah, Good Morning America, and Larry King Live, among many more.

The renowned Medium, Clairvoyant, Healer and Author of the autobiography ‘Life Among the Dead,’ Lisa Williams transforms the lives of the people she meets who are seeking to connect with their dearly departed, while offering inspired insights. During her unique live performances, Lisa Williams shares her incredible gifts with random members of the audience to whom certain spirits may communicate.

Lisa Williams connected for a special, one night only in person appearance with Los Angeles Friday, February 27th, 2009, at Club Nokia, at 7:00 P.M., in Los Angeles. Thousands stretched outside, traveling across the country, and some waiting over night to see this famed medium. At 8pm, she finally took the stage, and the nearly sold out crowd was treated to 3 hours of live readings, as Lisa called out and described in vivid detail names and information only their loved ones could know about members of the audience.

Many who were contacted were brought to tears, weeping in manners too unique for fakery, and too convincing for Academy Award® like actoral performances. By even the biggest skeptics view, there was definitely something extraordinary about this woman Lisa Williams, who has brought respected T.V. journalists to tears on live television through her ability. Before her performance of her gift, she kindly and generously met, signed autographs, spoke with, took pictures for, and hugged every single person in the audience that came to see her. Yes, every single person. Now that is a warm and kind spirit. No wonder the dead enjoy her company. When one meets Lisa Williams, they are drawn to her, and people simply want to hug her, and feel the other worldly type love her spirit radiates. It is as if an angel is next to her, drawing the living and the dead near.

The Hollywood Sentinel® had the pleasure to do an exclusive interview with Lisa prior to her appearance before thousands, for a performance of her gifts at the Club Nokia in Los Angeles this Friday. The following is part two our ongoing interview with this truly gifted and fascinating woman. Part 1 can be found in The Hollywood Sentinel 'Archives' section, issue #8.

BRUCE EDWIN: Lisa, what is your advice on attempting to contact the dead for those who want to?

LISA WILLIAMS: I don’t think every one will be able to communicate in the way that I do. I am able to have full blown conversations. The loved ones (who have passed on) will actually try to get messages to us. So there will be times when we are thinking about that person and their favorite song may come on the radio, or they’ll see pennies (appear from no where) when they actually think about that person, or suddenly they’ll see a book that was their favorite book or author, you know, so there’s many ways that really we have to look for, because what actually happens, is our loved ones will try to get to us, they will try to actually communicate with us in a way that is not verbal. We don’t try to communicate all the time with emotions, so that is what people have to look for.

BRUCE EDWIN: Regarding people who believe that it is wrong and going against a person, against a spirits will to try and get them to aid us in this life, do you feel that is true, or do you feel there is complete choice for a spirit to communicate after they have passed on?

LISA WILLIAMS:I think it is pure choice. I think a spirit has a choice in whether or not to communicate with us. You know, and I’ve known several cases where, if they don’t want to communicate, they don’t communicate, they’re not going to want to talk to us. And I’ve had it actually on many occasions where the spirits do not want to talk to us, because actually they have nothing to say... I can’t call on a spirit (and make them talk), I have to ask them to come to me, and that’s how it all works.

BRUCE EDWIN: Do you believe, as in religions such as Santeria or such, regarding the notion of a situation where a soul or spirit can be restrained by a persons actions, do you believe that is possible or not?

LISA WILLIAMS: No, I believe it is possible. If we look at it with ourselves as a human person, as a human being, and we are on this life, what we’re doing, is by constantly needing some form of communication from the spirit who we’ve lost, and may be sad about, what we’re doing is we’re holding on to that spirit, and that spirit may say well, OK, I can’t transcend, I can’t go on, I can’t move, I can’t follow on with my natural journey, because I’m needed by my loved ones. So it’s important for us to remember that we’re all on a journey, and once we cross over, we still have got our journey to do. They’re not always there to look after us. Sometimes they are, but we also have to remember that they have a journey, and we can’t hold them back. And so, I think that’s important for people to understand. I believe that really within the first year, its time, you know, (to) get a hold on, so anything after that, I do believe we need to let them go now, we do need to move on. It’s healthy for us. It’s healthy for the spirit, and that’s important to know.

BRUCE EDWIN: Thank you for that observation. Concerning the nature of eternity and a concrete perception of it, what is your feeling on the aspect of beyond this lifetime?

LISA WILLIAMS: Wow, that’s a big one. You know, it’s a huge universe, and yet somehow we all know each other, and we all have those situations where we feel like we’ve known some one or met some one before. We all have that feeling of being here or somewhere before, that déjà vu, or whatever it may be, and certainly the universe is a huge space, its very expansive, and so really I think, until we cross over, we don’t really know exactly what’s over there. It’s a matter of embracing what we have now, and then following it on when we cross.

BRUCE EDWIN: That makes sense. Do you adhere to any type of notion of belief with what some would construe as demonic forces or angelic?

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