Danny Boyle – Hollywood Outsider Does it His Way


One of the finest directors of our time, an until now under appreciated Danny Boyle, has lent a great voice and vision to the body of cinema. Always true to his craft and integrity as an artist beyond all else, this uncompromising, visionary director did it his way, and Hollywood finally saw the genius of his work that was too great to ignore. For the 81st Academy Awards®, Danny Boyle won the category of Best Achievement in Directing, and Best Motion Picture of the Year. Not bad for a rebel independent filmmaker. After the awards, he spoke with the press to give us some fascinating remarks.

An Interview with Danny Boyle; Part 2

Q. Congratulations. I want to ask if you are worried about the future of independent cinema as studios focus more heavily on franchises and comic book adaptations?

DANNY BOYLE: That's a good question. It's really it's an important question as well. Because what's one of the lovely things about this evening that the Academy has given us is that it's a triumph for this kind of film really, and it is independent minded and it's working against the odds really in a way, and it's very important to keep it (going). Because you know it was wonderful to see, obviously, you see Heath Ledger's work acknowledged in THE DARK KNIGHT. And it is extraordinary work.

But… I am sure everybody, Heath, you know, started small as well. He started (in) small films, you know. Everybody does (them) and we've got to protect them. And the studios,…it’s difficult of course, because they are under pressure, the studios have got to protect (independents)… as well. Because that's where everybody starts, and they go on. Some people go on to some things and some don't. But that's where everybody begins, in those small independent movies… So, it's very, very, very important. And the first film I made was a million pounds it cost. The whole film cost a million pounds. That's where you learn your craft, and you don't know what you are doing, you know. And I think that keeping it that way, you don't know what you are doing half the time and it's really important (to learn from) and a pleasure….

Q. Do you believe in miracles today, Danny?

DANNY BOYLE: I've always believed in miracles, actually. Einstein says I am doing a lot of quote tonight. Einstein says, ‘There are two ways to live your life; one is to believe nothing is a miracle and one to believe that everything is a miracle.’ That's a great quote.

Q. (Yes it is). Thank you so much. And congratulations.

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