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Making fun of studios that spend countless millions on films that did not get nominated for best picture, when low budget indies did, and making more fun of other small films that he claimed no one saw, Hugh Jackman opened the 81st Academy Awards ® with a lightly comical effort, singing about the nominated films in relation to a bad economy, and an alleged lacking budget for the Academy®, which by other displays, was shown to be false. Despite what will always have its criticisms, due to its monumental nature, The Academy Awards® proved this year, as usual, to be a resounding success.

This year, diversity was heavily awarded, from the Indian cast in a low budget film called Slumdog Millionaire, to the celebration of gay rights in the film Milk, and the bravado of sexuality in The Reader, among more. 2008 ended up being a great year for cinema, and in 2009 it was duly rewarded.

We celebrate here in this exciting issue, the winning films, directors, and stars of The Academy Awards®, with rare interviews and images, as well as next week with a look back at the official after party, The Governor’s Ball. We give a special thanks to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ® for their generous support in working with us.

At its greatest height, film can lift spirits, inspire thought, and motivate change. It can portray the foolishness of hatred and violence, and remind us of the power of peace and of love. And as silly or cliché as that all may sound, if most of us didn’t believe in that, then you wouldn’t even be here to live each moment and ponder it all.

We give tribute with this issue to the Oscars®, to the winners, and to all of the brave artists, filmmakers, and actors throughout the world who put their integrity and high ideals at the top of their game, as the driving force behind the nature and power of their craft. We hope you enjoy this exciting new issue.

With Liberty, Bruce Edwin
Editor, The Hollywood Sentinel ©

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