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Born in England, famed medium, crystal and reiki healer, and clairvoyant to the stars, Lisa Williams was discovered by entertainment business Mogul, Merv Griffin, who was blown away by her real ability to communicate with those who have passed on.

Due to the success of her previous hit show, ‘Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead,’ Lisa Williams returned to Lifetime in the Fall of 2008 with yet another talk show, Voices from the Other Side,’ that utilized her incredible abilities. In addition, Lisa has also appeared before millions of television viewers on The Today Show, Oprah, Good Morning America, and Larry King Live, among many more.

The renowned Medium, Clairvoyant, Healer and Author of the autobiography ‘Life Among the Dead,’ Lisa Williams transforms the lives of the people she meets who are seeking to connect with their dearly departed, while offering inspired insights. During her unique live performances, Lisa Williams shares her incredible gifts with random members of the audience to whom certain spirits may communicate.

The Hollywood Sentinel® had the pleasure to do an exclusive interview with Lisa prior to her appearance before thousands, for a performance of her gifts at the Club Nokia in Los Angeles this Friday. The following is part one of our ongoing interview with this truly gifted and fascinating woman.

HOLLYWOOD SENTINEL (Bruce Edwin) Lisa, it’s a pleasure to speak with you. I recently listened to a CD by James Van Praagh that I liked a lot. Have you worked with him at all?

LISA WILLIAMS: I met him on Larry King. I actually owe him a phone call, but we haven’t actually worked together yet.

BRUCE EDWIN: Who has been a strong influence on you in this area of the work you do?

LISA WILLIAMS: John Edwards, and James Von Praagh, but especially in the U.K., John Edwards. To even be considered in the same category as them, I am honored.

BRUCE EDWIN: I want to ask you about the notion of what is referred to as Earth bound spirits, in relation to spirits that pass beyond the Earth. Do you share the sentiment that a spirit can not only be Earth bound, but also go beyond this Earthly realm?

LISA WILLIAMS: My feeling is this; that once a spirit passes on, it can stay relatively Earth bound and not cross over, and that’s where a lot of people say they feel the dead, their presence, as ghosts, because the spirit decided not to cross over in to the light, and not go on to encounter eternity as they often refer to it. And then the other option, where you can go in to the light, and you don’t have any unfinished business, or whatever it is, and so then from there we can come back to the Earth plane, we can decide what we want to do, we can move forward, we can learn our life lesson. And my belief is that we have a choice, some go for the light, and some don’t. But I also believe we do reincarnate as well. I do believe we come back, and so that helps us as well, so that’s what my thoughts are.

BRUCE EDWIN: Do you believe it’s a conscious choice (to be an Earth bound spirit or go beyond) for any one despite their morality or existence lived?

LISA WILLIAMS: Yeah, I do think it’s a conscious choice. Some may decide not to go over, because they feel they may have unfinished business, they have you know, things they feel they need to complete, or they may be fearful of crossing over. Everybody’s different.

BRUCE EDWIN: I’ve listened somewhat to speeches by people including the Dalai Lama, and other Buddhist or Christian type aspects of thought that stress the importance of forgiveness to any extent, what are your thoughts on that?

LISA WILLIAMS: I actually completely believe in that as well, at the end of the day, we are all human, and there are things we can’t control as well, and we all make whatever mistake it is, and I think forgiveness has to happen, for us to actually move on as a person. It’s important for us to do this. I believe that if we hold on to anger, if we hold on to upsets, if we hold on to these things, what it does is we really give that negative vibe energy. And by forgiving it, we are releasing it, and we are allowing ourselves to move on forward in our life. So I totally believe in the teachings of the Dalai Lama.

BRUCE EDWIN: What is your advice on attempting to contact the dead for those who want to? Don’t miss Lisa Williams advice on this and much more, in our continuing exclusive interview with her right here again next week.

Internationally acclaimed medium and clairvoyant Lisa Williams connects for a special, one night only in person appearance with Los Angeles Friday, February 27th, at Club Nokia, this Friday, February 27th, 2009, at sundown, 7:00 P.M. at Club Nokia: 800 West Olympic Blvd Suite A334, Los Angeles, CA 90015,

Call: 213-742-7340 for ticket information.

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