Heath Ledger


Spirit Lives On

Heath Ledger, who sadly passed away last year, was awarded best performance by an actor in a supporting role for his work in The Dark Knight. Accepting for him at the 81st Academy Awards ® this year was his family. After the Oscar’s, his family answered some questions (abridged), as his memory lives on in the hearts and minds of all who knew him, as well as millions of his adoring fans.

Q. Hi. I just wanted to ask you, you seem to be relatively calm. You must have been very nervous? And secondly, you mentioned that you and Heath have had discussion that maybe this would be something he would be at (The Oscars®). Can you tell us more about that discussion, and how special it is now?

A. Kate Ledger (Older sister): Yes. Firstly, I'm extremely nervous. I didn't know how I was actually going to get up there if we had to, but when he came home for Christmas a year ago, he had been sending me shots and bits and pieces from the film. And he hadn't seen it, I hadn't seen it. No one had really seen it, but he knew. And I said to him, I have a feeling this is it for you. You're going to get a nomination for this… And he just looked at me and smiled. So he knew.

Q. Congratulations for your son. What of Heath do you see in Matilda? Does she seem to like to act?

A. Sally Bell (mother):. I think just to look at Matilda, to know that she's totally like her daddy. She has the same mannerisms. I really feel he's in her.

I'm wondering, have you spoken to Matilda's mother, Michelle Williams? And when do you expect to talk to her about this?

A. Kate Ledger: Not just yet, because we've just come here, but we're very close with Michelle. She's doing an amazing job with Matilda, and we speak all the time so we're in constant contact and always will be...

Thank you.

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