Danny Boyle: Making America Cool Again


An interview with the Academy Award® winning Best Director

If you haven’t yet seen the film that won best picture of the year, and best director, by the amazing Danny Boyle, don’t walk, run to see it. Danny Boyle has been embraced as an auteur great by film schools and hipsters for over a decade. Now, with Slumdog Millionaire, the world has taken notice. Danny Boyle spoke to the media after his historic win for best director of one great film.

Danny Boyle talks about this years awards, and the spirit of independence in the films being honored. He states, ‘I think that's really cool. I think America is cool again, certainly for the first time in my lifetime…not because of this, but I think this is a symptom of how it's beginning to embrace a more globalized feel of the world. I hope so anyway.

On Slumdog Millionaire having the subtext of a love story, and the importance of doing good in life and having love: Danny Boyle: ‘I think somebody sent me, a mate of mine sent me this quote from Plato, the great Greek philosopher. And, of course, the Greeks worked on everything before us. We are just repeating endlessly in their wake, and it was this quote he said, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." And that's just wonderful… it just gets it really. And I think the kind of films that we have been talking about have that heart, really, you know, which is a lot of people are fighting hard battles and especially now, you know, and we have got to kind of try and use entertainment to entertain them and to sympathize and encourage them, you know, and inspire them really….’

Danny Boyle goes on to give mention to someone her forgot to thank in his speech, his agent, who also reps some other great directors including Atom Egoyan, David Cronenberg, Baz Luhrmann, and Francis Ford Coppola among more; Danny states, I just want to say I did forget somebody in my speech tonight. I forgot my agent, Robert Newman, and please, if you are in the business, if there's anybody in the business, please report this. He's been absolutely amazing, for me personally. And I never write a speech or anything like that. I think you should always trust the moment, experience the truth of the moment. And I forgot him and I apologize to him, and he’s been a huge help on getting this.’

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