Milka Munoz - Caribbean’s Hottest Star


Born to artist Teresa Munoz and politician Pablo Ramon, Milka Munoz is one of Hollywood’s most alluring Latina actresses, and The Caribbean’s fastest rising star. Born in Havana, Cuba, the sexy, versatile bilingual performer floated across the Atlantic Ocean to Miami, Florida, with her family from Cuba. Huddled together with her parents, brother, and dozens of strangers on a shaky, tiny boat amidst crashing waves, the little girl, at age 5, wept as they fled Cuba’s rising dictatorship during the Mariel Boatlift on April 23, 1980, when they had to leave many of her friends and relatives behind.

Rebuilding their lives in Miami, Milka excelled in the arts, attending ballet classes, performing in plays, and landing in the coveted International Latin Model Pageant, which propelled her career as a Caribbean model. At the urging of nearly every one she met, she packed her bags and moved yet again to Hollywood for the next journey of her career as an actress.

Tragedy sadly struck again however, when her beloved aunt, who similarly tried to flee Cuba 25 years later, went missing, including the mysterious disappearance of the boat she was on near The Bermuda Triangle.

Regaining her faith, Milka took her struggles in the face of adversity head on, landing management representation, which made her a regular favorite on the red carpets in Hollywood, and working with companies including Playboy among more.

When not studying Yoga or brushing up on her Stanislavski acting method, she is busy meeting fans, and planning a new swimsuit calendar which she is very excited about. Never one to let obstacles stand in her way, Milka Munoz is one of Hollywood’s most tenacious ladies, known widely for her charm, and with one of the biggest and brightest smiles in the toughest industry on the planet. She is represented across the board by Starpower Management LLC.

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