Maggie Barry - Interview with Rock's Fashion Maverick

She followed blue hair from NYC, which led her over to Los Angeles, where she hooked up with a band called Poison. She has since gone on to become a part of pop culture and fashion rock history, having designed clothes for Jane's Addiction, Marilyn Manson, the Deal or No Deal models, and many more. Below is part 3 of our exclusive interview with Hollywood's coolest Los Angeles designer to the stars, Maggie Barry. Part one and two may be read here.

Bruce Edwin: I saw Perry Farrell at your show.

Maggie Barry: Yeah, I was so happy he came out.

Bruce Edwin: Yeah, I love Janes Addiction, so have you been selling clothes to them when they started?

Maggie Barry: Yeah, I've done clothes for a lot of people. I mean, Perry, we've done shoots for a couple of different things. His wife I've done things for. I actually did her wedding dress, I also did Backdoor from Guns and Roses shoot, their wedding clothes, so I do rock weddings. We've worked with Marilyn Manson, Van Halen for their last tour, we're working with Heart right now, you know, we've done things for Kenny Rodgers, to Trace Atkins, to Patti LaBelle, and Korn, so if that's not diverse, I don't know what is.

Bruce Edwin: Definitely.

Maggie Barry: So if people say what do you do, it's like, what do you need done? People call me and go you know, what do you think? Cher, Cher's show called me and wanted me to fly down to Vegas and make sure the show was sexy enough, you know, so that was kind of hot. So that's my aesthetic thing. You know, I just did restaurant uniforms for the Chire restaurant out here, so we're kind of a customizing workshop. A lot of stores want a unique thing where they don't look like every body that comes in with a unique product, that's where we come in.

Bruce Edwin: Do you have other art forms you do aside from fashion?

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