Maggie Barry – Interview with Hollywood’s Fashion Legend


Maggie Barry: I work with music, that’s not what I do though, as far as art goes, I do a lot of styling and consulting and stuff like that, so yeah, it always relates to what you’re wearing. But you know, my art really is in clothes, I do accessories, I’ve designed shoes and stuff like that, but its all apparel, I don’t go beyond that. I don’t have time to paint, I used to as a kid. Gardening, I kill every thing, cooking, my husband would rather go out, so I stick with clothes, because that’s what I do, and I am really good with figuring out cool ways to make a product, I’m helping different people with marketing products, because I’m good at hype. I understand people and movements and clubs, and people get us to do clubs, because I can fill a house, but really, it's all based on apparel, and that’s what I do.

Bruce Edwin: Well, that’s enough, and you’re brilliant at that. I don’t want to tie you up too much more here, but one last question here is, what is your legacy you want to leave?

Maggie Barry: I already know my legacy is, I’m old enough that when Mtv was starting out, there was a video that was mine, we did the fly girls, there was Jennifer Lopez, when she was a fly girl, and she was a new fly girl, so my legacy is, I’m a part of the visual media, I’m immortalized in music and being a part of all of these wonderful artists, and I’ve been a part of that, so my legacy is to look back on that and we’ll go, oh yeah, we were known for the chap pants, you know what I mean? So you know, we did the Deal or No Deal girls, so my legacy is, I make the best damn bra dress there is. So that’ll be my legacy, you know, and not every body can make a bra dress. Try to fit a cup honey! So that would be my legacy, and probably my daughter may follow in my footsteps, because she’s already been raised by showgirls at 4. So she will be a part of my legacy.

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