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Q. Hollywood Sentinel – Bruce Edwin: Haha, I like that title, that’s great. And I want to read those axioms. When one is attempting to manifest, and draw things into one’s life, using perhaps the unconscious mind, or directly things consciously, in going back to the aspect of different forms of spiritually, how does someone know if that is something that is or is not going against someone else’s will?

A. Terry Cole Whittaker: Well, O.K., There is this thing called cause and effect as we’ve said, and some people call it “as you sow, so shall you reap,” and another word is called karma. And karma is about activities. And karma is the result of our activities. So you have to look at your intention, before you do anything. For instance, what’s your intention before you speak to someone? And most people don’t think about it, because they’re just operating on automatic. It’s like, I was just talking with somebody yesterday and she’s got all these troubles and problems, and she kept saying to me. “I can’t believe all of this happened to me. Why did it happen?” And when I would tell her that “really it’s your karma,” she got really mad and angry, because she said, “I pray all the time, and I do all this and I do all…” And I said, “Well yeah,” but she didn’t want to learn. And so she’s angry at God, she’s angry at what’s going on in her life, and she’s frustrated, and you know, I can understand that, but that’s not going to help her you know? And the first thing I said was, “Well the thing is, you weren’t paying attention to what was going in the world and your life,” and everything in the outer world is changing all the time. It’s not ever going to be the way it was. Maybe in a few million years, because everything in the Universe runs like a machine, and so any way, what you do is, most of us are unconscious about our actions, or even our words(…)

(…) So when someone eats a cow for example, they were taught that you’re supposed to do that, they never took the time to actually find out how the body functions, and what their purpose in life is, and they’re not taught that in school, or even in church, or religion. So what I did, is I started looking at the effects. What’s happening in your relationships? What’s happening in your career? What’s happening in the world? There has to be a cause. Now the cause isn’t an effect. Now this is maybe a little hard to get, like this one person I was talking to, she said “The reason I’m upset is because of the conditions in my life.” And I said to her, “Why are you letting the conditions of your life make you miserable?” And she said, “Well, I can’t help it.” I said “Really? Where is your misery happening?” It’s happening in her mind. And it’s happening in her emotions, which then control her actions. And so what happens is people are caught in this reoccurring condition and keep trying to look for solutions to be happy, when they are happiness. You can’t get happiness. You are either your ‘self’ or you’re not. So that’s what I’m saying is, if how you know what you are going to do is going to be right, or wrong, first of all, you also feel it in your intuition, so when we feel a little strange about something, or something doesn’t quite feel right, there is something not right about it. I know for me, when I have gotten trouble in my past, I can go back, and you want to go back and look at the past and see the cause and effect relationship as a teaching tool. So then, when I got myself in trouble, my conscious, my inner guidance would tell me not to do that, but I over rode it and when ahead and did it myself, any way, and then you pay later, right?

Bruce Edwin: Definitely. I’ve done that too many times.

A. Terry Cole Whittaker: Too many times, right, so when are we going to learn that the key is to really start trusting that, plus you have to really learn- like when I was studying (…) this great knowledge, we begin to really understand who we are, how we function, and what we’re supposed to be doing here. If a person doesn’t know their purpose in life, and they don’t know who they are, how do you even know what to do? Because they don’t know why they’re doing it! Other than “Well I think it’ll make me happy,” or, “I’m gonna’ get me some money; If I get me some money then I’ll be happy, and then I can get a woman, or I can get a guy, or if I sell this then I can get this thing, and if I enjoy this thing then I can have a lot to drink, and then I can go on a vacation and I can lose it all in Las Vegas for a couple bucks. Cool!” Where did you learn that? And they’re suffering.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been on an airplane to Vegas. They’re all happy. But on the way back, they’re just morose!

Bruce Edwin: (laughs) That’s hilarious!

Terry Cole Whittaker: Yeah! And so most people don’t ever question it or ask why, or look to see, what’s going on?! So that’s the key, you have to look at before you act, before you speak, you’ve got to think, well what is the result of this? (…)

To be continued in the next issue of The Hollywood Sentinel.


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