pixI have studied the rules of success, particularly in Hollywood, for many years. I share with you here the most important things I have learned from those who are at the top of their game that needs to be done in order to succeed. If you do all of these things, you can not help but to achieve your dreams.

Write things down. Make daily to do lists, weekly, monthly, annual, and life goals. Compartmentalize large goals and chunks of time in to smaller, manageable chunks of time that can be visibly seen to be accomplished on a list on a daily basis. Cross each item off when done that move you further and further toward your bigger goals.

Speak and act as if. Talk and act as if what you want is already happening. Never speak in a weak, iffy, maybe tone or language about your goals. Speak as if you know without a doubt that it not only can happen, but that it is happening.

Politely distance your self from any one that stands in the way of your goals including those who belittle your dreams or project doubt upon you and your ambitions. This does not mean to surround your self with yes men so to speak, but around optimists, who believe and know that what ever you think and conceive can be achieved. Surround your self with people who are where you want to be going, who have done what you aim to do. Do not surround your self with flakes or those who have given up.

Do not give attention to liars and haters. The most successful, especially in Hollywood, will encounter the attack of many whose egos are threatened by their fame or success, who feel less than them, even worthless compared to them, and who will go out of their way to try to demonize and demoralize them, to attempt to destroy them and bring them down to what they feel is their own level. The more successful one is in Hollywood, the more haters they will have. Do not concern your self with them.

Be obsessed. You must have a burning passionate fire in you for what you set out to do. If you want to be at the top in what you do, this is a must. If you do not, then quickly reevaluate why you think you really want it. Find your true burning passion, and then act immediately on obtaining it.

Don't make enemies. You will go to the top faster and stay their longer if you make friends along the way. Treat people with the golden rule in mind, how you would like to be treated. What comes around goes around, so focus on the positive, and project happiness and optimism. Like attracts like, and if you walk around angry, bitter, or depressed, you will attract the same energy to you. Instead, let any negative forces or actions from life or others simply wash over you, and flow away back to where it came from. Instead, insulate your self with an impenetrable fortress of power, light, and life that reaches to the Sun. Let nothing and no one stand in your way to ruin your dreams, or ruin your day. Love is the law.

I am pleased to say that this issue of The Hollywood Sentinel will go down in entertainment history thanks to a rare, exclusive interview with the most well-connected producer in the world, Paramount's A.C. LYLES. Since Mr. Lyles deserve nothing less, this issue will officially be reaching a huge number more of you readers, around the globe. We are truly blessed to do what we love, and we hope you are too.

Some of you have mentioned that you'd like a way to communicate with us. Here it is: Tel: 310-226-7176. Enjoy this landmark issue.

- Bruce Edwin
Editor, The Hollywood Sentinel

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