James Dean – King of Cool


When one thinks of classic cinema, and thinks of the words ‘rebel,’ ‘outsider,’ or ‘cool,’ one instantaneously thinks of James Dean. Born February 8, 1931, James Dean was true to his craft and to himself.

His three credited feature films, ‘East of Eden,’ ‘Rebel without a Cause,’ and ‘Giant,’ stand forever etched in the history of cinema, as to the testament of talent of this extraordinary young gentleman. James Dean's illustrious career began onstage. He landed his first screen role in a soft drink commercial, which led to over 60 television credits, before breaking into film.

James Dean passed away at 24, on September 30, 1955 due to a car accident with another driver. The other driver was at fault for crossing in to James Dean’s path as the driver tried to turn across the oncoming lane. His life was a whirlwind of power and charm. His talent and his stardom forever shines on.

- Bruce Edwin
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