Marilyn Monroe–The Legend Lives On


Words seem over done about Marilyn Monroe. She has been written about, talked about, and had her image mis-appropriated more than any other female star in the world. Fans to this day still worship her and her image. She was not only the most beautiful star on the planet, but she was also (ask any film scholar or critic) a great actress.

Producer legend A.C. Lyles of Paramount, who we interviewed in this here issue, and who used to help watch after her and keep her away from trouble, stated to Bruce Edwin, “Marilyn was a sweetheart. She had a sense of vulnerability about her. She was smart, but she was vulnerable. She needed (to be) protected.”

From the edge of your seat excitement of her work in the great film ‘Niagra,’ to her bombshell humor in the classic ‘Some Like it Hot,’ and beyond, Marilyn Monroe will forever be remembered as one of the classiest, sexiest, and most talented stars not only of her time, but of all time.

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