pix There is little on Earth that will put ones mind in to a more realistic perspective of life, than the death of a loved one. At this time, one stares face to face with the harsh reality that, contrary to what the mind may attempt to construct the fallacy of, life on this plane of existence as we know it is temporal, and we too will one day be no more in this body or mind. Our nice big houses, fancy cars, bank accounts full of money, and material possessions will mean nothing, merely but an approximate total of generally under 100 years of accumulation and use. Our homes, our tools, perhaps even our cars or clothes will out-live us.

Seeing a loved one face to face, lifeless, is a brutal reminder that life is so precious, so fragile, and so fleeting. The Sun may shine for a million more years, or a hundred other generations, but the light of ones life on this Earth is so finite, so short. And so our days are numbered, and our every hour should be spent in search of truth, in quest of meaning. What are we here for? What happens after death? Is the soul real? Does a spirit within us continue on in some form of self awareness beyond this realm? What is the purpose of living? To live and not ponder and know the answers to these questions, places one at a level little higher above that of an animal or reptile, scurrying about on the dirt, to which we shall return.

Hollywood and celebrity-dom is a great escape from the pain of the body, from the torture of some of that which is reality, from the vapid dullness that may be the forced mass obedience that is ritualized by some, but to be sure, even the stars of Hollywood shall and do die. Even the biggest celebrity’s lives end. And so what is the nature of it all? This dear reader, is the true purpose you in your life should find the answer to.

For when you stare face to face with the reality that you will one day be no more, fighting seems folly. Anger seems foolish, enemies and war seems passé. And wasting one hour, one moment, even one second seems but a chip away at life itself. And it is. Do not waste a moment in vain, do not delay your passion, do not deny your purpose. What good does fortune do if one is miserable? What good does fame do if one can not stand their own existence? And why have enemies when you can longer preserve and satisfy your life by making friends and persevering?

Find your passion and pursue it. Celebrate life and the lives of those you love. This lesson can not be learned enough until you live your life properly. Appreciate each moment you have got. Cherish what counts. We hope you enjoy the new issue.

- Bruce Edwin
Editor, The Hollywood Sentinel ©

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