David Williams – Tribute to a Star


On March 6th, the world lost one of the greatest musicians of all time, the main guitarist for Michael Jackson, Brian Ferry, and hundreds of others, Mr. David Williams. As I flew to the East coast to attend the funeral of my friend and client, phones rang off the hook from newspapers and websites from across the country. E-mails poured in from around the world from friends, clients, and strangers alike. The following are some of them. Thank you to those with true and good hearts during this time. You are known and appreciated.

Bruce, I’m Very sorry to here about David. My Condolences.

- Tom Tangen (actor, TV host)

I’m very sorry for your loss Bruce. David was an amazing, one-of-a-kind guy. With sincere good will,

-William August (actor, agent, attorney)

Hi Bruce, I am very sorry to hear about this loss. Thank you though for your kind and thoughtful words and your expressed concern for those of us in your life. I will always wish you all the best and also hold a place in my heart for you.

-Amanda Smith (actress, model)

Bruce, We hope everything went O.K. last week for you and those around you with the loss of your close client and friend. We also pray that you are able to cope going forward and that as one door closes, brighter ones will open up to bring comfort and peace to you once again.

- Scott & Jason Gianatasio (models and actors)

‘I offer my sincerest condolences’ sounds so trite in a way, but what else can I say? Both you, Moira and Bruce have lost a dear friend and feel a great loss at his passing - no mere words, no oration, no profound utterances of the human voice can change that. However, my personal belief is that David is not completely gone. David left a rich legacy of inspired music, true, but he left more than that, much more. He left memories of deep, whole-hearted, and undemanding friendship. Keep those memories, cherish them, for as long as one single person can still look back with affection, as long as one person can continue to be inspired by his work or his words; David is not dead, part of him is still here. He's merely absent from his accustomed places. I wish I'd had the privilege of knowing him (instead of merely knowing "about" him) the way you did.

– Jim Cue (screenwriter)

My prayers and thoughts are with you..... Warmly,

- Michael Levine (Publicist, Author)

The sudden death of David Williams has been a great shock to my self, my family, and all the musicians and studio staff here in London. David has been a key part of my recording and touring band since the Bête Noire sessions in 1986. As well as being an outstanding player, he had become a close part of my musical family. David had played brilliantly on my forthcoming album, and I had hoped he would be a key part of my future touring plans. His warmth of personality, infectious humour and enthusiasm will be greatly missed by all of us who knew him.

- Bryan Ferry (Singer, Roxy Music)

We have lost our dear friend David. I remain grateful that I was able to meet and be inspired by this world class artist and deeply grateful for his encouragement and faith in me as an artist. David holds the world record for participating in the most studio albums (of #1 hits), he worked with the greatest and was their equal in every way. David had faith in me that I could make it, and David brought us many people who have brought us further to our goals. He was an Angel to me as well as being a dear friend of Bruce's. We will miss him terribly. He had a unique style as a guitarist, playing the notes of ‘Thriller’ amongst many other hits, that will remain a part of pop music history for all time. The world has lost a musical genius, a great man, and a dear friend who is loved by many.

- Moira Cue (singer, model, actress, artist)

David Williams is not gone. His spirit lives on where we will all one day too travel. Yet missing him now on this Earth is a great sadness, and his parting, the likes of which none of us expected at this time. Those of us fortunate enough to know David, know how powerful his essence and life was. He was as the sum of nearly a hundred men. His energy was like a cyclone, his enthusiasm like a drug, his laughter like a medicine to the soul. And his guitar and talent was as great as the biggest stars in the world he jammed with. He is a legend that lives on. David, I miss and love you bro

– Bruce Edwin (writer / producer, manager, publisher)

Lord, I ask you to send ministering angels (Matthew 4:11) to David's friends & loved ones, ministering to their hearts...as the loss is great. Let them remember the times of joy & reflect on the love that surrounded David. I know you count the teardrops of those who grieve for the loss of David. (Psalm. 56:8) Let us all count our blessings for each day, as tomorrow is not promised. (Proverbs 27:1). Thank You Lord for giving us David for the time all his loved ones had with him. Amen.

-Mel Novak (minister, actor)

David Williams passed away March 6, 2009. He was born in Newport News, Va., on Nov. 21, 1950. He graduated from G.W. Carver High School in 1969. He was a U.S. Army veteran where he served in the Vietnam War. David was an incomparable writer and producer. He was a self taught accomplished musician. He worked with notable entertainers such as The Mighty Dells, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson and Madonna. David was entered into the Guinness World Book of Records as the most prolific guitarist of all time.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Larry and Reatha Williams. He is survived by four daughters, Kimberly and Michelle Perry, Davida and Dana Williams, two brothers, Larry Williams, and Clarence Williams, three sisters, Delores Major, Doris Carmichael, and Elaine Patterson. He leaves one special niece, Tracey Scott, and a host of other nieces and nephews.


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